Peak times of fast acting insulins

Based on your observations, what are the peak times for the fast acting insulins that you administer? (Humalog/Novalog/Apidra/…) I’m trying to determine the half life of fast acting insulins so i can bolus accordingly.

Good question, Sri. Let me (us) know your further thoughts. . For Novorapid (same as Novalog, sed quaere ???), I’ve found that when I’m too high, it takes between 30 mins to 45 mins for the correction dose to work - this may perhaps be a good measure, as otherwise the GI of the food interferes with otherwise perfick scientifick condishuns (otherwise the answer seems to depend upon how rapidly the relevant carbs are ingested. So with Very Bad Carbs (ice cream, say), I can take as much short acting as I like, but I will still be (a) very high for an hour and half and then (b) depending upon how much I’ve taken, very low or hypoglaecemic thereafter.)

Just FYI - your pump will do this for you. I’m not sure about Animas (I think that’s the one you were getting), but the Minimed uses a non-linear formula to determine how much insulin is still in your body. Now, from what I hear, this is different for everyone. Most people start off with a 4 hour curve and I believe when it gets to the 0.05 (units?) point on the curve, the Minimed just neglects that amount.

Apologies if you already knew that. BTW - I’m on Apidra and I think it peaks the fastest. Probably around 20-30 minutes. For high-carb, low- or regular-fat foods, I usually bolus at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time and when I do that, I don’t see a spike.

The second part of your reply is what I was looking for. I’ve heard that Apidra peaks the quickest. The literature from Humalog implies a peak time of about 60 to 70 minutes, with a decline in activity after 4 hours.
I’ll have to talk to my endo about switching to Apidra.

Oh yeah - Apidra is supposed to be the fastest but some people say it doesn’t work as fast as others for them or that they have to take much more. I was put on Apidra from the get-go so I can’t give you any info on Novolog or Humalog. But I can guarantee you that it peaks in about 30 minutes for me. I also think it is almost inactive or out of my system between the 3 and 4 hour mark.

I haven’t worked out a true peak time, but I suspect for me it’s up to 2 hours after I inject (Novorapid). Don’t quote me :slight_smile: All I know is that the first hour is really slow… and the fourth hour is equally slow - but of course it depends on what I’ve eaten and how much work it has to do!

I plan to test things like that some day - just a relaxed test since I’m no scientist or anything :smiley: But I’d jab without eating and measure the drop with testing every 10 minutes or something. I wish I had a GCMS!

I think Novolog peaks at about an hour for me. But if I overestimate the carbs, or exercise more I tend to go low about 1 1/2 to 2 hours after injecting.

John Walsh, author of Pumping Insulin, suggests that Novo or Humalog don’t start working for 20-30 mins… also peaking after an hour and lasting for another hour of peak. He has some great slides I would look at showing how each of the pumps calculate insulins. take a look at that presentation. He has some nice graphs of Duration of action. I currently set up my CoZmo pump for 3:45 Duration Insulin of action. I feel that takes into account the majority of Insulin on Board.

Great information. Thank you!

i am on humalog and seems like it kicks in within 20-30 minutes for me