Insulin Tests

I was asked by a trusted endo to take place in a new insulin, SIBA, offered by Novo Nordisk. It would replace my Lantus with SIBA with the same dosage. I was also to replace my sliding scale Humalog with Novolog. Dosages would not change.
A little bit of money, close monitoring and all supplies were offered.
After less than a week 911 was called because I was unresponsive at 2 am with a blood sugar of 32.
I was eventually ok, but scared, and have gone back to my old insulin products.
My blood sugars were sort of all over the place during this time, and with my long term previous insulin products I’d had very good control.
Anyone else have insulin test stories?

This sounds very scary Ixnay . Am not surprised to read, that you required to change Humalog (ELI LILLY ) and Lantus to N.N. I have some questions/observations : I thought , that sliding scale usuage went out and carb counting took it’s place quite some time ago ?? Also your statement " close monitoring " …did this mean overnight glucose checking ? …I think it should have been included . I have never been asked and am not sure if I like to be a guinea pig .Would Endo possibly have received $$ too from Novo Nordisk ???

Wow, sorry to hear about the scary low!

I haven’t heard of this insulin yet. I guess that someone has to be the first user always, but that is a very scary thing because our lives depend on this stuff working properly!

When I was diagnosed, I was invited to diaped727 study. Though when I found out that 50% of the group gets a placebo I backed out :frowning:

The diaped is still in phase 2 as far as I am aware.

Sorry about your low BG