Does anyone find that they can taste the insulin when they bolus/inject? It tastes almost exactly the way it smells

I think the smell is so strong that i think I can taste it, the way I can taste bacon cooking :)

Unless you are injection in you tongue in which case you may be actually tasting it.

Nope, but believe Timothy's right that the smell makes you feel like you're actually tasting it. I don't really notice the smell much any more. At first, it seemed quite strong.

I can still at times taste it, as though sometimes it goes right into my blood stream and right to my taste buds. I think it is the preservatives that make the smell.

And while bacon is clearly the candy of the meat food group, I have a hard time thinking of insulin that way.

My nose has to be close to my pump reservoir or syringe in order to smell it. After 23 years of using insulin my sense of smell has adjusted to it. I'm sure you are only tasting the smell.