Does anyone get a strange taste in their mouths after injecting?

This may sound weird, I’m new to Levemir after using Novalin, and since the very first day of injecting Levemir, I get a strange smoky type taste in my mouth very shortly after giving myself the injection. This has happened to me every time since… I told my diabetes educator, but she got confused, said was I sure that I wasn’t talking about the tinny taste after taking metformin, I assured her that it wasn’t, she then said “well I don’t know then.” and kind of dismissed it.

Am I alone in this? Is it one of the unwritten side effects? I’d like to know because it’s quite unpleasant.

Thanks, Denise.

I know that occasionally when giving myself a large bolus of Humalog that I find myself tasting it. Now whether that’s because I can smell it, or whether its because I can actually taste it I’m not sure yet.

But I’ve always kind of wondered this myself - is it possible to taste insulin after injecting it?

You should do an expiriment. Have someone else draw up some saline as a kind of Placebo (of course you wouldn’t know it was this) as well as draw up your insulin for you and see if you get the same taste from Levemir if you don’t know if that is what you are actually injecting or not. Of course delaying your Levemir for a little bit wouldn’t be a huge deal once you confirm that saline does not and Levemir does give you the taste when you are “blind” to which one you are getting.

Not sure why your Doc decided on Levemir but if you can confirm that is what it is and it is quite unpleasant you may want to ask to try Lantus to see if you can get you basal coverage without the taste.

Ouch! If I injected as much Saline as a standard bolus that would sting like crazy. Haha. :slight_smile:

Have you had experience with it? Have you truly bolused large amounts of saline and felt it sting? Only reason I ask is I occasionally will set someone up on a saline demo of a pump and that would be good info to know so I can turn down the settings as to not give too large a bolus.

Most definitely. Injecting salt water into the subcutaneous tissues stings unless you crank down the bolus speed, and only bolus in small amounts. I didn’t know that before I tried a bolus while I was demoing my own insulin pump and wooow, I totally wasn’t expecting that feeling. lol.