Ive had a medtronic pump for 3 years now, and I have recently switched insurances due to a new job. My new insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) covers all my supplies, but not my pump supplies. I feel that managing my diabetes with my pump is 500 times easier than with shots. Has anyone been in this situation and gotten supplemental insurance or medicaid for the pump supplies that my insurance doesnt cover, or know any alternatives for me? I really dont want to be taken off the pump. I dont know what to do…

Mark, the insurance thing is my biggest fear. Just yesterday I spoke with a pump company. We went over all the you pay this, insurance pay that. But, I freak thinking, what would happen if I did not have insurance to cover this expensive treatment. My current employer changes companies every 5 years. I wish they would all get there head out of there … and figure this whole thing out.

thank GOD for insurance, but its like on top of all the other issues with being diabetic, to have insurance to worry about makes it so much harder. i wish all the sick people in the world had 100% coverage for everything.

I’m not in the exact situation, but a very similiar one. I am on Cobra and my insurance covers a max of $2,000 for the year for pump supplies because they consider it durable medical equipment. As you know, that’s not a lot of money when it comes to pump supplies because the providers bill the insurance companies about 3 times the amount that they charge for cash prices, so that $2,000 will be eaten up in one 3 month supply, so I will be in that boat after April.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the best solutions. If things become too rough, there are always people in the online community willing to help out a fellow diabetic and offer some free supplies. When I was fully covered and could pretty much get as much as I wanted, I would send boxes of infusion sets out all the time.