Insurance approval and time

So I got, basically, approved and they said they were going to cover 70%, I have Regence Blue Cross.

Anyway, my deductible resets and my “new” years starts the 30th and I had contacted Dexcom weeks and weeks ago so I could get it before that. Well, hadn’t heard back and finally called a couple days ago and asked why and they didn’t know why the rep never got back to me even after I left messages and emails. Anyway, I sent in all my paperwork 2 days ago again because they lost it I guess, and the guy got back from my insurance yesterday saying they wanted a bunch of documents, etc from my doctor and 90 days of BG logs. I sent him those yesterday and he’s waiting to get the rest from my doctor but he said he is going to try his hardest to get them to the insurance company in time.

He told me when I asked, it usually takes 5-7 business days to have the insurance look over it all and officially approve me. Well, that’s not really my fault that it is cutting it so close.

Any advice on what to do here? I won’t be able to afford it if I have to pay my deductible now. I just won’t.

Has anyone had any experience like this before?

Oh the Joy of working with Insurance companies!

I work in this field (sort of) so here is what I would do…

First of all (Breathe!)

Next, make sure you DOCUMENT all your conversations and end each call with the insurance company OR dexcom with “What is the next step, when will it be done, who do I contact to follow up that it’s been completed?”

Here is the good news, the sales rep from dexcom is on your side! Meaning, they’re trying to make a sale here, if you don’t buy the system, someone doesn’t make a commission or hit their quota or something like that. So I would find out who that person is (usually the person who sold you the unit) but if it was your doctor then it can be harder to figure out who is making $ from your Dex purchase. If you’re working with someone who has “Sales” in their title you’re with the right person. Otherwise contact your doctor’s office and find out who their Dexcom contact is, get in touch with that person and explain the problem to them.

Clearly state to this person that if you don’t get this approved and though your insurance by your deadline then you won’t purchase the unit. Don’t let them sweet talk you with promises of “monthly payments” or anything like that. Be firm but ask for SPECIFIC help.

In the end, when dealing with any thing like this, pumps, sensors, whatever, you need the person who stands to profit or loose from your purchase on the phone with you. And work that relationship, everyone at the end of the day wants to be a superhero, so find the person who who is financially involved in your decision and ask them to remove the roadblocks for you.

You’ll be amazed!

Good luck!


P.S. If you need more help with this send me a message directly and I’d be more than willing to help as much as I can.