Insurance issues

I received a letter from my insurance company and they had me listed as a type 2 instead of type 1 but they had the right ICD code for type 1. Also they had the beginning authorization date as 10/14/10 and ending authorization date as 11/14/10. I went to the GM/pump coordinator at Joslin and she told me that neighborhood diabetes (who I get my supplies through as its easier) will fix this as she is sure that the insurance company had it wrong.

My dexcom hopefully will arrive tomorrow. Fedex hasn't updated the tracking. It likes to say Bloomington, A as of November 2nd. I am very excited about getting my dexcom and can't wait to begin using it!

But I wanted to know if anyone else had this type of issue with authorizations?


I just checked my account with my insurance company. They indeed do have me listed as a type 1. Neighborhood will be fixing the authorization to be sure its correct.

Amy, an insurance company will generally give a supply company 30 days in which to ship what they gave the authorization for. Your Dex was shipped within that period. Usually, they send 3 months worth of supplies at a time but some places do 3. Do you also get your test strips from Neighborhood and get 3 months?

My insurance approved the Dexcom but I also have to get authorization every time I order sensors so every 3 months, the supply company sends the doctor a form to sign and they submit it to my insurance.

Your Dexcom receiver & transmitter are different billing codes than the sensors. Your insurance won’t approve more than one receiver or transmitter a year because if they should break, they are under warranty and Dexcom will replace it.

Thanks Kelly…I know more about urology authorizations than diabetes as I use to work for the Urology department in a hospital when I lived in NY. The letter says 90 days but not sure what it means. I’ll have to wait till I hear from the neighborhood rep from Joslin. The GM/pump coordinator did tell me there is a Dexcom rep at Joslin! So perhaps she can help me with dealing with the supplies as well…

Overall, I HAVE to say I am too darn excited about getting one of these. this year is the first time I’ve heard of them and wished I knew about them sooner. Neighborhood sent 11 boxes of test strips. Each box has 50 strips in them. I am overwhelmed with the test strips! And 8 boxes of lancets. So I have enough lancets to last me a few years! well, it seems so as I still have some from when I lived in NY as I kept getting boxes of them from the endo I had.

I wonder if the 90 days is so you can get 90 days worth of sensors - that is what they send me each time. I

have one the Accu Chek MultiClix lancets that has the drum. I try to turn it once a day but sometimes forget. I usually order one box every 3 months. Last year, when I was ordering supplies, she changed the number of to the number of times I test per day and sent me 18 boxes of the lancets instead of one. I ended up sending them back because that was a 5 year supply for me!

Do you have your training scheduled so you won’t have to wait too long once you get it tomorrow?

Hopefully your FedEx guy doesn’t come too late in the day. Waiting for your Dex to come is like waiting for Santa!

I have the person’s info to get a hold of. I’ll give her a ring tomorrow once I am done with work (I work 6am till 1am). My dexcom is coming to my boyfriends house as I have trouble getting packages at my apartment building. So I’ll be scheduling it tomorrow and can’t wait to go for the appt. I am hoping to get it asap.

I truly feel like a kid in a candy store! And santa is bringing me a nice CGM to have so I can get myself prepared for the pump! OH I can not wait! I really wished it was Friday already LOL

Hopefully you won’t have problems sleeping tonight! Just remember not to go into that candy store until AFTER you have the Dex on! Actually, take that back - sometimes when you eat stuff and see those double arrows going straight up, it makes you think about ever wanting to eat that food again!

Hopefully you can get it scheduled right away. I know you are anxious to start.

I am just too excited! I cant express it. It is so surreal I’ll be CGMing! Eh if I see double arrows going up, I’ll eat it less! Or not all the time. I just hope my shift at work will fly by!!! I just want to get it over with and its not friday yet

I did. I have no idea why they said I was Type 2. I was diagnosed at age 8 with all the classic Type 1 symptoms. I told my insurance company that, and they said, “Well, the paperwork we wrote says you’re Type 2, so we really have no way of knowing.” (I eventually did a blood test they wouldn’t pay for to prove I was Type 1. They still refused to cover a Dexcom.) But, anyway, yes, I had the same issue.

my ins company will pay for it, and I checked with them and they do have me as a type 1. My CGM wont arrive until Monday now when Fedex had it as for today!!! GRRR!!! I am still concern the authorization ending date as the 14th. By the time I am up and running the authorization will have expired, NOT happy. I emailed the person who helped me get the dex and still hasn’t responded to that concern.

I’m not sure I understand your concern, Amy. Your authorization is for the CGM and the sensors. The CGM should arrive with a 3 month supply of sensors. You’ll be able to get more in another three months…just call Dexcom and they’ll take care of putting it through your insurance. Am I missing something?