Question about Libre warranty

Right now I’m trying to get approved for a Libre. I have a question and wanted to ask here before getting it. My pump warranty is up next Oct and I will get a new pump and whatever cgm works with the pump I get. If I get a Libre now, will it be an issue to switch to another cgm next year or does the Libre have a warranty period that I’ll have to wait for? Thanks!!

Are you asking about having to hold onto the Libre CGM based on a medicare requirement?
I know that medicare requires you to maintain a pump for five years. Although I am uncertain about a CGM, medicare did pay for my Libre and then three months later they also paid for a Dexcom.

For me, the Libre was wholly inadequate:
Readings were always low, compared to meter, by as much as 20% (mostly) and 30%-40% (frequently), you had to swipe your arm to get a reading versus simply looking at the receiver with Dexcom, lastly I do not believe you can set low and high alarms with Libre which was the most important reason I acquired it.

I got a second CGM after three months. My endo had to call and agressively support me with medicare. Generally medicare would not allow a second CGM that quickly although I do not know what their standard policy is.

Sorry, if this was not a medicare warranty question.

I’m not on Medicare yet. This would be through my regular insurance. I’m still trying to get approved for the Libre but was thinking if I have to stay with Libre until a warranty is up, then I’d just hold off on the Libre, then upgrade to the Tslim and Dexcom next year when my currant pump warranty is up. Just don’t want to screw things up for that.

Why not just get the dexcom now if you know that’s where you’re headed next year? The t:slim and dex don’t have to be bought together. I’m not aware of any benefit to the Libre over the dexcom other than cost, which is moot if insurance is covering it. (Personal opinion, of course.)

I’m pretty sure the Libre doesn’t have any warranty. At least that’s what I remember from the pamphlets that came with mine. However if the Libre were to start malfunctioning I think there is process for getting it replaced from the company so the info is saying one thing but the call center says something else. You could try calling Freestyle Libre and talking to a representative. The number is (855) 632-8658.

Yeah, I’m thinking now I should have just went that route. My Dr’s the one who suggested the Libre since my pump is the Minimed 523.

Thanks Firenza!!

No, the Libre reader is fairly cheap. I dont think they even would count it.