Insurance Company Covered CGMS from Medtronic


I use a Medtronic Minimed 522, last week I received a call from them saying that my insurance company would cover the CGMS. To say the least I was very surprised and glad that I waited till now to get it. I have “Mamsi” insurance which is part of United Health Care. I just had to fax Medtronic my BG numbers and they did the rest.
I thought I would share since insurance companies covering CGMS is a new thing and a great thing for us diabetic pumpers.


So they just called you? Or did you have them put you on some sort of notification list? I’ve heard UHC has been covering them without denials for a little while now.

Nope they just called out of the blue. I am not on any list except for the fact that the same insurance covered my pump.

just wanted to say that I am happy for you . : ) I hope everything works out for you .

That is great news for you. I also have United and recently got my pump. Minimed said they would go back through the process for my CGM after a month or so following my pump start. I am very interested in getting started and glad to hear others are getting approval, without having to “build an airtight case” for it.

Congrats on getting the approval. I did apply for CGMS and my insurance also approved it. I have had it for about a month now and am loving it. I have Blue Cross Blue Sheild and they are not denying very many of the CGMS from what I understand.

I went through a long appeal process and in the end my CGM was covered. Maybe the word is spreading about this additional tool. I am not as thrilled about the CGM as Cara is. It helps me somewhat, but is not accurate enough for me. If I am gonna wear this thing I want it to be as accurate as finger testing, which I am sure one day it will be. I have had a few good moments with the CGM, but not enough to recommend it as much as a recommend a MDI diabetic to switch to the pump.

Hoping for vast improvement on the CGM and I am amazed your insurance did that, I wonder what their mindset and/or reasoning is?


I have read that CGMS is not as accurate as most people would like it to be. I have a different goal in mind and that is to look at trends when I sleep, exercise or am resting. At this point I intend to use it as a tool for better BG control. I will still be doing plenty of finger sticks I am sure.

As far as the insurance company covering the cost I can see several different reasons as to why they might be willing to cover it. Like most things in America demand is what drives a product to become better. Currently most people have to pay for CGMS out of pocket. The demand is there but the cost puts a wall up and prevents people from obtaining CGMS. If the insurance companies start paying for it now Medtronic and other companies will spend more money to make better products which ultimately is going to save the insurance company lots of money because people will have less complications with their diabetes. Hopefully with more people using CGMS they will be able to get it even more accurate which is what will be needed for a closed loop system some day.

that is a good news Dave…! well, mine i have BCBS of Texas, when i first talked to the minimed rep, she said BCBS will cover the CGMS, and she placed the order for me for the pump and CGMS at one time,. the rep said BCBS dont have a lot of issues when it comes to pump, theyll approve it provided all docs are submitted and most importantly the letter from your endo with the correct diagnosis code… so far, so good…