Insurance (from Trader Joe's)?

If, IF all goes well There’s an outside chance I could get hired for a full-time job at a local Trader Joe’s.

If by some miracle that happens, :joy::crazy_face::open_mouth:

Anybody onsite work for Trader Joe’s (know someone who does ???) and can tell me whether the medical insurance Trader Joe’s eventually offers whether it’s any good? Terrible?

in terms of our diabetic needs, scripts, supplies, etc.

Anybody know other Type 1’s who do work for Trader Joe’s can answer this one ASAP?


You might have to contact human resources and and ask for a copy of the policy, or at least the name of the policy. It looks like Blue Cross, you could call them.

If you search Glassdoor, there are many positive comments on their health care, but did not see any specifics for diabetes. Someone mentioned Blue, assuming meant Blue Cross.

@Stuart. I can’t speak with certainty about the current plan year, but health insurance has always been a huge perk at TJs. The FT (supervisor\mgmt) health plan is slightly better than the PT (rank and file) health plan, but not by much. Costs are reasonable and you need a minimum of 19.4 hrs\week avg o we a rolling 8 weeks to maintain coverage.

Anthem is their primary health insurance company as it serves all stores coast to coast

The diabetes coverage was superb when I had a TJ health plan.

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Grateful for everyone who replied to my initial question(s).

Got a call back from the manager.
Was told they had several decisions to make but would call me back within 2-3 days. Heard nothing from anybody by the end of that week. I called his assistant who seemed surprised and was told she would let him know I called her, and he/they would get back to me.

After 4 excellent interviews. Several phone calls… I called the manager directly, having heard nothing from anyone for the third time, yet again.

He asked hadn’t I gotten his email?

“…I’m sorry no I’ve gotten nothing since you called me last week, had some “decisions” to make. I called your assistant, and now am simply following up…”

Ok, I’ll look into this have someone contact you.

Eventually I got a generic email which was a response to initial contact only, not someone who had 4 hours plus face to face with actual people. It was so worthless generic, I called back several days later and asked if something had been sent.

I got him on the phone, and said he was unloading a truck… I would get something …CLICK

They put a good face on their process, but fail in any manner to carry through with their false buzz words.

I’m glad I haven’t had to look for a job for many years. It has become an impersonal, heartless process. At least when we were rejected back in the day we didn’t have to guess about it.

Sorry, Stuart. It was not a good fit for you. Persist and you will find your way. Good luck!

I feel your pain. So sorry for you. Maybe check out Wawa or Starbucks, they may have good insurance. I have been in your shoes so many times. Employers can be quite rude these days. However you will eventually find the right fit.

As an past employer it’s honestly easier not to talk to someone and tell them they didn’t get the job. For a lot of reasons.

So very sorry it didn’t work out! But just to throw some ideas out there. Is there another one in the area? There are 3 within a 10 mile radius of my house. One might not be a fit but another could be perfect!
And as far as benefits, Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and Costco all have very good medical plans. And all offer benefits to part time employees also. Not sure if any of those might fit.
I have worked for 2 of the three I mentioned and have had great luck with them. I also have FMLA currently with Costco which gives me some freedom with doctors appointments etc.
Good luck and keep at it. You will find that perfect job. It is out there!



Been on my @()#@#@&@& knees for too long. I have been taught despair.

Hello Marie20:

They talked, and were not truthful.

That far in the process, only then getting “worthless generic” I severely resent.

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