Insurance help!

My husband is retired and I am un-employed. I quit my job to help my mother care for my father who passed away with alzheimers in 09. At the time I quit she was also babysitting my son, watching the two of them was too much for her. Two weeks after my father passed my son was diagnosed with type 1, what a month. Me and my son have private insurance and it has been pretty hard to afford, today we got a letter saying it is going up from $189 to $245 a month. I had a feeling they would raise it and try to get rid of us since diabetic care is so expensive, if kind of makes you sick. I checked twice when he was first diagnosed with our children’s state insurance program and income wise we qualify but since we already had insurance on him they will not help us. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for insurance everyone knows a diabetic can’t afford to be without it.

Dear WYOmom, or anyone else with info on this subject. We were told not to cancel his insurance but may try this anyway since we will likely put him on my husbands policy if this doesn’t work, not that it is any cheaper just has a lower deductable for about the same cost as we will be paying. What does SCHIP cover for diabetic supplies, my son got an insulin pump this year as we met our “$5000” deductable and are making payments on the pump. I just wondered if it covers any of the pump supplies that are also so expensive?

I feel bad for anyone in this situation insurance is un afordable and diabetics can’t be without it the monthly supplies would soon bankrupt anyone without insurance. Finding a job with good insurance coverage or any decent job right now is also impossible.