Not Happy With Dexcom!

I finally decided to get a CGM and I decided on Dexcom. I contacted my endo to see if she would agree. She said yes and thought it was a good idea for me. So I filled out the paper work and sent it to them. A few days later I got a call from Dexcom telling me they got my paperwork and they would file it with insurance once they got the rest of what they need from the doctor. Yesterday I get an email saying the dexcom is being shipped. I decided to call my insurance company this morning to see how much they cover. I found out they have received nothing about a dexcom as of today. I called dexcom and find out that they send out dexcom not knowing if it's going to get covered by insurance or not. Has anyone else had this situation with them?

I would pack it up and send it back when it comes. Or refuse to sign for it since they didnt bother to pre auth it. I would NOT accept it. Not until I had an authorization from my insurance.

No - Decom took care of everything for me.

No, dexcom contacted my insurance company before hand. I agree with christy, though. Don't accept it if they didn't get a authorization.

They hadn’t even received the info from doctor and have already sent it to me. They don’t even know if the doctor Okayed it. Not very impressed with how they do business. I was told that if I returned they would have to throw away all the sensors because they wouldn’t be sure if they were sterile or not. I’m not sure if I should except the sensors because they may not be sterile. What a screwed up company this is.

Keep in mind I have never had a CGM before. I got another email congratulating me on my Dexcom and said I have to choices of training the DVD or doctors office and if this didn’t suit me I could contact her and figure out something different. Maybe I could get training at the drive up window at McDonald’s and get a happy meal while I’m at it.

No actually just the opposite for me. My insurance requires preauthorization for CGMS and they made sure it was all in place before sending anything out both with the initial order and for any renewals.

Not at all my experience. I submitted my paperwork to Dexcom and they submitted a request to my endo and my insurance company. My endo approved, but my insurance (Aetna) declined. Dexcom was great about working with my insurance company and re-filed the claim through my pharmacy benefits and had them approved.

I didn't get anything until they determined that they were going to be covered. I knew that I sure wasn't going to pay for them. I pay a great deal for the best medical insurance my company offered and I was determined to get the Dexcom covered.

Dexcom worked with me every step of the way and helped negotiate the insurance procedures. Now I get everything, with $0 copay. I even just found out that I can get much more sensors than I've been ordering.

Seems real odd to me that they would ship something so expensive before they knew they were getting paid for it.

I will say that they worked with me throughout the initial process and the few times I've had to call customer support, they've been great. I think the Dexcom has made a tremendous difference in my ability to manage my diabetes and I KNOW that I am healthier because of it.

Hopefully you won't let this initial experience sour you on a fantastic diabetes management tool and a path to better living.

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I must be dealing with a different dexcom company than you all. After thinking about this all night I have decided not to accept shipment of this and wash my hands of this company. I feel like this is just not meant to be at this time. My BG's go up and down so much I probably wouldn't really want to see it anyway.

Legally, they can't ship it to you until they get a prescription from your doctor. They also won't ship out unless they've received payment.

This situation seems weird. I can't believe they actually shipped you a system without having it paid for or without having a prescription from your doc.

I can't get a sensor refill from them until they've talked to my insurance company and I've given them a credit card number for payment. From the rest of the comments and my experience, your situation is far from normal for Dexcom. I would call them and ask to speak to supervisors or whatever to get this figured out.

If you've decided it's not the right time for you, that's fine and should be the reason you send it back/don't accept it. Sounds like you might not have been really sold on the idea, and now have a reason to not get it.

Like others, my experience with Dexcom company has been great, and having CGMS has helped me significantly.

I have heard there is a 30 day money back guarantee that you might want to check with Dexcom on. Or ask if there is a local representative that you can meet in person. A local rep might set you up with a trial run for a week. Maybe you need some time to re-evaluate your decision.

No, but I had that issue with minimed. I think the reps really want to get them out.

There was probably some sort of human error or mix up. When it comes, just hold off using it until you get verification from your insurance of coverage and make sure Dexcom has that information so that you don't get wrongly billed. I've never had a problem with them.

When you got your dexcom did you have to sign for it or was it dropped off at your door step; no signature required. I new it was at my door step before I got home. Got an email from Fed Ex saying it was there. I am sold on dexcom just not the kind of customer service I am getting. So now I have a dexcom sitting in my house and not quite sure what to do with it. I know I can't afford to keep it if I have to pay out of pocket for it. So there is no need to get used to it and then have to send it back. Guess i'll call the insurance company in the morning to see if they received anything from dexcom.

I always thought Dexcom was a good company. My insurance company doesn't cover CGM's made by anyone, otherwise I would love to have one.

At any rate, I would call FED-EX and have them pick up the package without opening it, as you did not order this device. If you keep it and open it, that constitutes acceptance, and you will be stuck for the bill, if your insurance company delcines its coverage.

Last year I received my one year replacement for the Dexcom. After I received it, I got a letter from my insurance that they would not pay for it. My previous insurance had paid for the original Dexcom, and my new insurance was paying for the sensors, so I never dreamed that they wouldn't pay for the replacement. I appealed their decision and it was reversed and they paid. Now once again I am about to be shipped another one year replacement, and I told the sales person at Dexcom I didn't want to go through that again. She told me that they are working to get pre-authorization once they get all the paperwork from my endo, and will let me know when they have approval. I think at that point I will call my insurance and make sure we are all on the same page.

I hope you can get everything straightened out, it truly is a great tool for keeping an eye on blood sugars.

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This kind of blows my mind. I cannot get Dex to ship anything out to me until they've gotten approval from my insurance company, and that includes sensors. I think there may be some uninformed sales reps working at the company now.

Hi, Unknown Diabetic: I went on the CGM (I happened to choose medtronic) BECAUSE in my 43 yr career with Type 1 my "glukes" (as I call my BGs) dipped and surged so much; dangerously so -- and I have little if any hypo symptoms anymore. I appreciate the CGM a lot for showing me by graph and occasional little beeps if my BGs are up or down too fast and how they're trending. Please do give this cool tool another chance. I'm in my 6th week on the pump and 2nd week on CGM -- and I'll not be going back. I'm feeling WAY healthier now due to knowing very frequently what's happening with my blood, and responding. I hope you'll try it. It takes enthusiasm & review to learn the how-to but I'm getting there and it's worth the effort.

I called my insurance company this morning and they have still received nothing from dexcom(AKA STUPIDCOM). Yes I have now resorted to name calling. I called dexcom and was on the phone with the customer service manager. She kept telling me I had a different insurance company than I have that they filed with. After being on the phone for 15 minutes she finally realised she was looking at the wrong file. When she got to the right file she told me I was approved. I told her I am not approved because my insurance company hasn't received anything from you all. She said Carecentrix approved and said with there approval they go ahead and send out the dexcom. In case you don't know Carecentrix is the company that does the billing and files the insurance claims for them. She said I should go ahead and start using the dexcom. She also told me that it could take 30 to 45 days to get insuance approval. Dexcom has a 30 day return policy if you are not satisfied; how convenient for them if on day 31 you are not approved I guess you pay out of pocket.

Last year I got my fist pump from animas. They also use Carecentrix. I didn't get my pump until it was cleared by my insurance company.

Not very impressed with dexcom and how they do business. There idea of insurance approval and mine are two totally different things.

Are you sure it is Dexcom and not your insurance company? In my experience most of the delays and miscommunication is an insurance company issue and not the medical device company. It wouldn't surprise me if your insurance company doesn't have their story correct.

Dexcom is a good company.

Dexcom manager is the one who gave me the information. When she reading me the info off of the wrong file she told me this was at the 30 day point and they were trying to get it cleared through there insurance company. My insurance has no knowledge of me trying to get a Dexcom except that I told them. It appears this is there commen practice. The only reason I called my insurance company in the first place was to verify that it was covered because it was done in a week. That was to quick for me. For the insulin pump it took around six weeks.I’m sending the Dexcom back in the morning.