No insurance and running low on supplies - idea/suggestions/help please

For the first time in my professional life, I find myself without health insurance due to a career change. Needless to say, I am in a panic!

I have enough pump supplies to make it through the week. I was wondering if anyone knew of any short-term insurance plans that can be purchased or even an organization that assists diabetics w/ medical supplies temporarily.

My husband is an insurance agent and may be able to write a temporary policy for me, but with my having diabetes, it may be difficult, if not impossible.

Thanks for your help/suggestions. I may just have to go back to injections until my new company’s insurance coverage takes affect, but I have to wait 90 days and I do not start working there until June 2nd.

Possibly a word with your recent providers, and also Pharmacists, CDE’s (They have ‘samples’ of all sorts of things usually…)

Depending on your pumpmaker, they also can usually authorise ‘samples’ of infusion sets if you’re a known client, you have the Rx’s covered.

What pump do you use and where are you in the US generally speaking?

Nevermind, I saw the Dallas location.

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Get in touch if you’re on a minimed Paradigm, I can maybe help out.

Just one idea for now, but I’ll try to think of more! Call all the infusion set companies and tell them that you are thinking of switching sets and ask if they can send you samples.