No health insurance!

Im sure this has been posted a million times… but once more. HELP? I moved and lost my health insurance. Have a pump and am quickly running out of all my supplies… are there any programs that can help without having to pay an arm and leg out of pocket??

Is there an American Diabetes location near you? They helped me when I had no insurance. I paid nothing for my insulin for a three month supply. They could only help one time a year at the time, but that was a few years ago.

Check out the they have a “Bargain bin” I know it is “different” It works for me. Just look around for whatever you need. Sometimes they have it there/sometimes not. The prices are very affordable.:slight_smile:

Definately check out Patient Assitance Programs if you are also not employed at this time…they will approve you for 1 year of free supplies but, takes doc to fill out forms and about 6 weeks turn around on approval. I got pump supplies cheap (less than copays) on Craig’s List. Check w/ your docs office on insulin and supplies to cover you while you figure out a plan. If you cannot get insured…check the local universities to see if they offer insurance for students…one class will usually qualify you. Good luck:) and keep us posted if you cannot get supplies.