Interested in a youtube diabetes channel?!

Hello! I was sorta thinking last night.... I wanted to see if anyone was interested in maybe making a youtube channel about diabetes! First, I want to see how many are ACTUALLY interested. I was thinking maybe having 7 people (or more if we get enough people)I will give you a day of the week and we can decide on the topic for that specific week or month. (Whatever we decide how many times we want to make a video). It can be a Teen Diabetes Youtube Channel... The D-Team. Whatever!!! If interested, PLEASE contact me!!!! Thanks much!


I've been intending on starting a blog type thing on how to manage diabetes on a vegan diet. Just haven't gotten around to it yet!

I thought about starting a diabetes channel but just didn't know where to start lol:3

I can totally start a channel and it we can spread it on here and eventually get more views! Just need to find more people interested! :)

Awesome :)

Spread it around to the teens you know on here or any teen diabetic you know! :)

cool! I will definitely start a youtube channel then!

i know its been a while since you posted this Caren but i would be interested in being part of you d-team. ive a blog about my backround so ill not bother typing it out again because 14 years of diabtese experiences takes alot of typing!! i asked people in one of my blogs if they would be interested about a youtube vlog style thing about diabetes but there was not great response but maybe if we could get it going theyd have to see how great it would be :) contact me girl :)

Awesome! I'll have to contact these folks again to see if they're still interested and see if we can get things started!!!

Hey I know you posted this ages ago but like sara I'd also be very interested in this idea. I already have a YouTube channel with a few hundred subscribers so I know a thing or two about how to make videos and overall i just think this is a great idea!

Awesome!!! I'm a Youtube junkie as well, so this shall work.

We just need some more members now!

I'm interested :)

Even though you posted this a while ago, this sounds like an awesome idea! I'm definitely interested!