Diabetics on Youtube

Hi beautiful humans!

I am new to tudiabetes and am really happy this website exists! I am really grateful to have found a place on the internet where there are such inspiring people to look up to and share with.

I have recently started a Youtube channel for fun! My channel is called SunnyDaysWithAlex.

I realized that when I got diagnosed in 2014 as Type 1 diabetic (at age 21), I researched and went to blogs, forums, and the internet for answers and some sense of a community to feel like I wasn’t alone.

I thought that if I have a place on the internet to speak about my lifestyle/struggles with T1, I can help create a community on Youtube that feels helpful and special.

I am posting here because I wanted to know if anybody has any ideas for videos that they would like to see out there on the internet. I’ve recently done a tutorial on how to insert the Dexcom G5 sensor because when I first started using Dexcom, it was really nice having those videos out there.

My videos 6 months ago were just videos I wanted to do for fun because all I was doing was farming all day long and I needed a creative outlet. But I want to take my channel in the direction of diabetic health and wellness/lifestyle.

I currently am trying out the whole-foods plant-based diet HCLF. I am just trying to figure out what works best for me and my body. This journey is teaching me so much and I honestly don’t know if I would have learned so much so quickly if it weren’t for my diagnosis. There is always some good that comes out of seemingly sad events in our lives and I think that is very very amazing. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for ideas for my Youtube would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Have a really great day.

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Hi Alex,
I guess I missed this post from earlier. I don’t have any specific topics to suggest, but I do have a few thoughts on what you’re trying to do.

People are on this forum and others are telling you the things they want to hear about every day. Sometimes it’s specifics like equipment, diet or exercise. But in other cases, it’s more emotional issues like dealing with an unhelpful doctor or friends who just don’t get it.

The topics you’ll be discussing have likely been covered many times before. What is different is your personality and your take on it. People enjoy it when you tell them a story. “This is how I dealt with this situation or celebrated a particular victory.” Even if you pick a topic very similar to another YouTuber, it likely won’t seem so similar because it will be your story.

When I started using the FreeStyle Libre some months ago, I watched at least a dozen YouTube videos. And even though there were many similarities, each one added their own unique twist to the story. Several detailed the insertion process, while other focused on what they liked and disliked and one even did a detailed comparison, where a young lady wore both a Dexcom and Libre at the same time and compared them. There are always new and fresh approaches to telling the same story.

Best of luck with your YouTube adventure!