Intermittent Fasting, LCHF, Ketone Testing

I’ve been delving into the LCHF with IF world for a bit here on and off, but 2 bouts of DKA 5 weeks apart has really given me motivation to get a handle on things. This week (I know it’s only Wed. ha ha ha) so far I’ve had GREAT numbers… I’ve been having black coffee with stevia and 1T Kerrygold butter in the a.m. followed by a herbal tea with 1T coconut oil, a thermos of bone broth and then a bottle of water with SF electrolyte mix until lunch, which is salad, fat (olive oil and avocado) and protein (eggs/chicken/fish) and then dinner is more of the same.

I do worry about if I’m getting enough calories in, because I’m not counting, but I’d say a rough estimate is 1200? I might add in a spoonful of almond butter for dessert to get a hundred more or so!! For reference, I’m 5’6" and 141lbs. I’d like to get back to 125-130lbs, but mostly I just want to be healthy and in control of my Diabetes.

Also, ketone sticks: I seem to stay in the trace to moderate area when I’m high. When I went into DKA I was the darkest/large ketones. What is the ideal for ketosis (not ketoacidosis)?

Any long term LCHF IF people: does my meal planning look okay? How about calorie range and what color is best for ketosis on the ketone strips?