Intro Blog

Im Jen, a mom, a gestional diabetic, (wannabetes) and the mother of a boy who will soon be 11, and will reach his 4th anniversary of Type 1 on December 20th 2008.
I am an RN by trade, and have two awesome kids, Nolan and Patrick… and am due to have a girl any minute…
I write, have been published a few times, nothing huge, zines and such… One in dutch, that was pretty cool.
I dont speak dutch.

Hi. I feel your frustrations. I just wrote a post about frustrations at my regular blog, My Son Has Diabetes (

I am a RN also and am just floored by some “medical professional’s” lack of knowledge.

HI mam, im only 11 but my sory sounds similar to his. I was diagnosed at 3 on december 18th, so if you need any tips i can help you and i understand kids because i am one just message me