Introducing myself

Hi. I'm new to this site and forum, and new to diabetes. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone. Here is my story:

When pregnant with my second daughter in 2008 I was hospitalized and diagnosed with gestational diabetes. All of my MFM's said it would go away after delivery so I was taken off insulin and told to proceed as normal. I continued to check my sugars periodically (thankfully, I just had a feeling) and they did not improve. Finally in Oct. 2009, about six months after my daughters birth I was getting consistent BG's over 300 and called my family doc who immediately put me on insulin and referred me to an endo. The endo diagnosed me as Type 1 (or T1.5/LADA because I carry the antibody) and I am now on an insulin pump.

It's been an overwhelming diagnosis. No one in my family is diabetic, I know no one IRL who is diabetic. I think my husband is struggling with the diagnosis too. With a baby to care for, a full time job and other health issues, I am just overwhelmed.

I'm glad I found this site though and I look forward to getting to know everyone and to learning alot from everyone here!

Let me be the first to say welcome, Yukon! This is a great site where you can ask questions and get the benefit of literally thousands of people’s experience with diabetes! A new Type 1 diagnosis can definitely be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn and it seems as if you will never get it. But, in time, it DOES come together. Feel free to ask questions, bring up topics and no question is “dumb” because we’ve all been there!

Welcome Yukon! I’ve only been a member of this group for 2 weeks now, and I’ve learned a ton, I’ve been a D for 14 odd years, but just started on a pump last week. Everyone is really friendly and is willing to answer any question. So again welcome, and hang in there! 8)


WELCOME!! Yukon,
Happy to have you join all of us here @ TU land. There is all kinds of information here as well as support for any questions or curiosities you may have here and its for the whole family to learn about so jump right in to a discussion or ask a question and have some fun and make some friends. Glad to have ya and if I can ever help I will just ask… Huggs to you and your family.

Welcome, Yukon. Glad you’re here.

It’s overwhelming under any circumstances, but especially with a baby & other health concerns. Please turn to the many helpful shoulders here to lean on. Don’t be shy.

I’m only the diabetic in my family also.

Thanks for the warm welcome! The past three years have been a blur…starting with the birth and death of my oldest daughter, the birth of my second girl, liver problems and now, just when life seemed to be looking up, diabetes.

I think I’ve been managing things well, but it feels really good to have found a place to ask questions and get support. Thanks!

Losing your child. I’m so very sorry.

Lots of questions & answers & support here. The search feature at the top of every page will help you find past discussions. A wealth of info.

Welcome Jeff! I’ve been so busy working lately I missed your arrival. :slight_smile:

Welcome Yucon!
Glad to see you here =) We would love to be of help and support There is also a group here called “Diabetic Parents” you might find interesting:

Hey thanks! no worries, i’m really digging this forum, so informative, thought provoking and just plain old cool. 8)

Welcome to the site. I am sorry about the loss of your child. Ask any question you may have and I am sure someone will help you. I have had D since 1958 at the age of 3. I can tell you a lot of stories.

Yukon C,

Welcome. You’re going to like it here. Really like your avatar. Babies are just so great. I like four legged ones too.

I’m sure you’ll find a ton of support. Along with the other members here. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I know D doesn’t discriminate but am really sorry this happened to you. Glad you kept an eye on things.

This would probably also be a good place for your husband. It was the sister of a member who told me about it. They’re twins one has D the other doesn’t.