As you find this group, please introduce yourself. My name is Michelle. My son, Westin, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 years ago. He had initial positive antibody test probably 2 years before that. He is gluten free but the family is not. We have all been tested for antibodies and we seem to be negative, though none of us have had the biopsy to prove we are negative. I have asked this question before, but is it posible that Westin is a “freak incident” due to his type 1 diabetes? We also have no history of that in our family.


HI Michelle,
I’m Michele. I have a husband with type 1 and my two sons, 8 and 11, have celiac disease. My understanding is that once you have one auto-immune disease, you are more likely to get another. My dh also has psoriasis on his scalp and I need to bring my 8 year old to the dermatologist coz it looks like he does too. He also has (had?) asthma (hopefully outgrown) - 2 more auto-immune diseases.
So, I would continue to test (especially your other son) as auto-immune diseases tend to have genetic tendencies. BTW, All this is new for our family too, my MIL was diagnosed with celiac about 10 years ago, quickly followed by my DH being diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 32. Our youngest had “classic” celiac symptoms tested postitive at the age of 5 (after two negative tests) and our oldest showed no phyiscal symptoms.


I too can add asthma to the list of Westin’s issues. We thought we were clear of it and off all meds for it, but it looks like we might be going back on as we have been dealing with coughing at night, every night, for the last week or so. Endo appointment was today and he could definitely hear something going on in his chest, so it is a good thing we see the pediatrician tomorrow!