My name is Chris. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 12 or 13 as part of a camp physical. At that time, type I was juvenille onset insulin dependent and I was given the Type I diagnosis. I never became insulin dependent however and was on oral meds until my husband and I decided to start a family in 2003.

At that time, I switched to insulin, but had a lot of trouble managing lows on a MDI program. I finally got the pump in August 2006 and delivered a healthy baby girl in July 2007. Without the pump I could not have done it.

Now, as a new parent, the convenience of the pump is vital as my schedule is so unpredictable. I look forward to the information, friendship and support of this forum. I was terrified to become pregnant and hope I can offer some insight to women facing this challenge in the future.

Thanks for sharing your story Chris. Good luck with everything!

Good for you!!! I honestly belive nither of my kids would have made it here without the pump. One is now a CNA and the other one graduates this year!!!