Introductions & my story to date

Hi Everyone. I have been reading these discussions for awhile now and I finally decided to par-take in the conversations so here goes....

I was intially reading the discussions because I have type 1 diabetes x almost 21 yrs (holy!) and I found out I was pregnant after what felt like forever trying. Everything was going all fabulously and then I had the screening tests done to test for risk levels for Down's, spina bifida etc. We went to our 18 week OB appointment and found out that the tests showed that there was "an increaesd risk for something called Trisomy 18". I have not bothered to google that because it just doesn't matter at this point. The OB told us that at the detailed ultrasound that was to be the following week I should agree to have an amnio done. I fell apart, tears everywhere.

OB went on to say that babies born with Trisomy 18 do not survive more than a few days. OMG the tears just ran down my face (both of our faces actually). He went on to say that the test is just showing an increased risk it doesn't show anything forsure, hence the need for an amnio. He went on to do the regular exam on me and found that there was no heartbeat anymore. We were rushed in to have an urgent ultrasound with a terrible technician who had zero manners let alone bedside manner, wretched woman! It was a horrible experience for me. There was obviously no heartbeat and baby no longer looked like a baby (we'd seen it weeks prior in a regular ultrasound and all was great). This time it looked like a blob, not a baby.

We went back in to see OB and he explained that the baby did not survive and I had infact miscarried. Instantly I thought I'd done something wrong. He explained that this had nothing to do with me or us, we had done nothing wrong. He said that it was natures way of taking care of things and ensuring we didn't have to make a horrible decision. Now, 1 month later, I can accept that information but I admit I couldn't handle it at the time.

So, that was May 9 and I had to have a D&C done May 12. Now just over 1 month later we've been given the go ahead to try again and while I'm excited, I'm also really scared. Scared that it will take forever to get pregnant again, scared that this will happen again although I've been assured that every pregnancy & every fetus is different, and scared just in general.

Hubby & I decided that we will do nothing differently than we did last time. We will continue as we did because we did nothing wrong last time.

Thanks for listening & I look forward to being able to share positive news....hopefully soon!

Amanda, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for what you and your husband went through and I hope that you are able to grieve and find the strength to continue. It sounds like you are keeping a great attitude and I wish you all the best! Keep us posted on how you are doing!