Invite Others To Join


I got a question from one of the current members that I figured other members may have, so I will post a reply in here.

Feel free to invite anybody you feel may benefit from being a member of the Social Network: the more people, the more we can share and help each other out.


I posted this back when Tu Diabetes had half the members it has today. We’re at 45 members as of today.

So, I wanted to remind everyone to invite people whom you feel may benefit from sharing in here: spouses, friends, relatives, doctors, nurses… I want to pose the challenge to everyone.

Let’s get to 100 members by July 15. How’s that?



Does it also make sense to invite endos or CDEs?


I just invited my Endo yesterday. I really hope we get a few doctors in here over time. I think they could shed some amazing light on questions for which we don’t have an answer at the time.


We’re at 50 members today.


59 members today (Sat. Jun. 9)


Congrats for a good site Manny - I think it should grow easily. Looking forward to seeing that 100th member click in!


Thanks, M!

I am amazed at the growth over the weekend. It’s Monday morning, June 11 and we’re at 81 members.


Ok. It’s Monday evening (same day, June 11) and we’re at 94 members. The 100 member mark is getting very close. I hear bets? :slight_smile:


Um 99. Tomorrow, I say.


Well, we made it to 100!!! Cheryl Ann is our 100th member!!! WOOOHOOO!!!