The top 100 club


So if Tu Diabetes becomes a huge social network, will there be a special reward for the first 100 members? Will we have a conference, flown in VIP, all expenses paid for? And for those of us who do not have Diabetes, will we be included in this special treat?

Okay, so i'm asking a bit much but to be quite honest I am very excited to see this group grow as rapidly as it has! Is there a "member online" or Instant Message feature we can add to build another social dynamic into this? I have about a friend request a day, but difficulty communicating or getting to know those asking to be friends.


Let me think about that. I am thinking we could set up a chat room for people “currently online” to mingle in? Would you guys be up for that?


Absolutely! raises hands That’d be great :slight_smile:


Manny you should hire me to just make suggestions daily :slight_smile:


The more mediums available, the more activity you have. :slight_smile:


I like the idea of a chat. Message boards can be great, but there is no instant feedback.