The Logbook app by mySugr: anyone else using it?


I learned about this app after reading a blog post. (I wish I could remember the post because I’d give her credit.)

I LOVE this app. I don’t mind the silly graphics. I love that I put everything into it: pictures, glucose level, carbs, dose (food or correction), meal, food type, and tons of other stuff.

Why did it take so long to find this?

I just started using it, so if anyone has some best practices let me know! It’s just wonderful! :sparkling_heart:

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My daughter has been using it a couple of years now. We both love all the info you can enter.


MySugr is a wonderful app, and among the few i suggest. I think you have made a terrific choice.


I like Diabetes:M app…no fees to pdf and print your log book like mysugr…lots of data too


Checking out the Diabetes:M app now. Thanks for the tip. I’ll probably stick with Logbook. Paying a fee for an app doesn’t bother me if it’s useful. Developers need to get paid too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the love and support of mySugr, Regina, Rick, & TiaE! Let me know if you guys have questions, suggestions, or need any help!


I haven’t given a shout-out to my mySugr buddy @Scott_K_Johnson in a while. This is my favorite and only app that I use to help me manage my D. It’s worth the upgrade, IMHO.

Keep up the excellent work Scott.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


Agree with @curlysarah. I dont log regularly, but when i log, only with mysugr. Their support is awesome and the keep improving like no one els out there! Keep up the awesome work!!!

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Glad to see @Scott_K_Johnson chime in. Hi, Scott! Folks from the org coming into a thread means they’re paying attention. :wink: Good work.

I did send a Logbook report to my endo today, and it passed. One reason I finally started using Logbook is at my last endo appointment my endo said straight out that the diasend reports “suck”. If your endo says that, well, you have to take that into account. I was also have a time logging stuff by hand the way I used to as mentioned. I’ll still upload data to the diassend site, but I needed a better reporting format.

The one thing I wish Logbook had was a way to enter the length your insulin is active. That would help me a lot now that I’m back to MDI. I know it roughly, but it would be so helpful to see a countdown to keep it at top of mind. Diabetes:M has it! Just a suggestion (and if it’s already there and I’ve not found it; help!) :slight_smile:

Why dont you send that feedback right to mysugr? I guess it would receive more feedback there!

Because Scott, their community lead, is in the thread and I tagged him in that suggestion. Same difference.

I use mysugar logbook since i was diagnosed. 5 months ago. I just record glucose numbers. Might change in the future.

I did use it and thought it was fun but then when it came to paying for it I thought it was just too expensive. I looked around and tried a few and started using Diabetes M by Rossen Varbanov. It’s free and is totally amazing. I wouldn’t go back to mySugr now even if it was free. The hospital diabetes team think it truly excellent too.


Makes sense. The factors in play with me is I heard about Logbook first and have a lot of friends who are developers. That means I have a bias that favors paying if an app has value for me. Diabetes:M was mentioned earlier in this thread. That’s how I learned about it, and maybe I’ll check it out after my Logbook subscription ends. :wink:

There is a paid version too. I donated when it was free, I think I’ve bought it now! I’ll have to look. Anyway I certainly appreciate all the effort he puts into it and all the updates! :smile:

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Found Mysugr while researching apps diagnosis 4 1/2 months ago and upgraded to the paid version. I am a technical trainer and was impressed with the interface and customization capability. The reports are pretty limited but just export everything to an Excel worksheet where I have created all my reports and graphs. My endo and the dietitian I worked with in the beginning were blown away with the data I was able to provide. I think it is an invaluable tool that has helped me go from my original a1c of 10.8 to last week’s a1c of 6.2.

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Congrats on the nice A1c number.

That’s my goal.I’m hovering in the low 7s now, but I really want to get down to the low to mid 6s!

Glad to hear that you’re there! There is hope!

Thanks! I just joined this forum and it helped answer a lot of questions I had. Especially how to cope emotionally with the diagnosis of a chronic disease. And some of the more practical ways to live with changing your lifestyle. I travel a lot for business and will admit it’s been a challenge in some ways. I really miss Sonic cherry limeades (LOL).

Technically, you can still have one every now and then. You’ll just have one hell of an insulin shot to take. :slight_smile:

I’ve had diabetes for a long time. It can be exhausting. I’ve had my moments of diabetes fatigue.

Forums like TuDiabetes and other communities are exactly what we need. We know we’re not alone, and we can learn from each other.

I found MySugr back in August of last year. I liked it so much I paid for it. This is the best app for tracking, my endo loves the 90 day report, I love the ease of use. I like that it was designed by two Type 1’s. I don’t have an IPhone so I don’t have all the “cool” features. I would never use another app. Period.

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