IPhone or receiver

I am new to using Dexcom G5 and I have a quick question. I know it is a personal choice to use the Dexcom receiver or an IPhone. Currently I am using both. The menu on the receiver has more choices , calibrate, alerts, settings, sounds, shutdown etc (8 in total). The menu on my phone has only choices alerts, settings, help and stop sensor.
Shouldn’t the receiver and the IPhone have the same info?
Thank you


The Dexcom Mobile App on the iPhone can be used as a complete replacement for the Dexcom Receiver.

And as you state, they can both be used together.

The menu choices (on the Mobile App on the iPhone) are there however they may not be obvious. I find some of them more difficult to find on the app then I would have thought.

Try clicking around a bit more and see if you can find the missing ones. If not, I am sure somebody can post some screenshots for you as to where they are located.

For example, “Calibrate”. Yes. You can definitely Calibrate from the Dexcom Mobile App on the iPhone. But the question is where that menu option is. You may be able to find it just by clicking around while at the same time becoming just a bit more familiar with the app in general.

Thanks Tim
I do know how to calibrate and I do see “event” on the top as well.
You are right, they do have all the options, just not in a list form as the receiver does.
Thanks for your help.

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Hit the icon that looks like a half lit light above the reading to calibrate. Then simply type it in as it is easier than the receiver.