iPhone/Pump Cases

I guess you could use these for anything really, I started out making one for my iPhone because they’re just to expensive, I’m not paying $40 for a case! But I also realized that I could fit my pump in there so all I need to do is integrate some kind of clip to hoof it to a belt loop or something of the like. I’ve added velcro since I’ve taken the pictures, so they do close and stay closed. Here’s what I have so far (feel free to inquire!):

very cute!! I wish i knew how to sew. I might have to have you make me a cool asian case for my supplies!

CUTE-My brand new iphone is charging as I type-I’ll keep you in mind!

Well they don’t come out exactly perfect, I’m still perfecting my technique but hey if you’re okay with that, lol, then sure!

Oh nice! I got my iPhone two months ago, I love it!

I feel like I’m talking to myself, lol, I have more comments on my blog from myself at this point. Any who, I suppose if anyone would like I could make these for a small fee (to cover materials and such). Just send me a private message and tell me what kind of design you would like.