My pump holder

Just wanted to share with you my favorite pump holder. It’s an Case Logic MP3 player case. I usually clip it to my belt loop, but there is also a strap that you could use (or make one). I like it cause it covers the pump and protects is well, but it is easy to slide off and use the pump as well! Just thought that I would share in case anyone is looking for a new pump holder. It should be available at electronics stores or anywhere where you can buy an MP3 player. I know that it is available both in the USA and in Europe.

They come in three sizes- S, M, and L. The M is just right for the Cozmo pump, with or without Cozmonitor. I guess that some pumps may need the larger size if they are longer. Also, multiple exotic colors are available, which is why I chose grey :slight_smile:

By the way, I usually tuck the tubing in, I just pulled it out for dramatic effect!

Great idea. I have the Meditronic 715 with the wrap around belt. My caring case is past its prime and I need to get a new one. I have been debating on just getting the same thing or trying something different. My husband found a neat cell phone case that may have worked but I like the MP3 case idea better. Thanks for sharing! Kaci

When I was chatting with a girl, she said that her and her mom make case out of fun fabrics and they work well. I like your idea, too.

I like it - it’s sleek. Part of my problem is pants with no belt loops - what do you do then? If they have elastic in the waistband and a bit of extra fabric, I wind up laying it sideways and rolling the waistband over it, inducing lumpiness. What do you do for no-pocket-pants?

I feel your pain Sarah! That’s my number 1 dilemma. The answer is that I generally buy clothes with belt loops-- whether skirts or pants. I have a few pairs of dress pants and skirts that don’t have belt loops, but have a side zipper with a clasp or a button right at the top. Then I hook the loop of the pump holder around the top of the pants when the clasp/button is and zip up the pants only 95%. (I can’t think of a better way to explain it… I’ll post a picture later). The other thing that I use occasionally when I want to completely hide the pump is a Sport MP3 player case around my calf. I use this one, which fits the Cozmo nicely.

Here are a few pictures of the other MP3 case that I use for my Cozmo (also fits with the Cozmonitor). I wear this one around my upper calf, either on the inside or the outside. I use it when:
(1) I wear dress pants or long skirts that do not have belt loops
(2) When I want to hide the pump completely
(3) at home when I’m wearing PJs without any good place to put the pump

Oooo, I like that. Does it stay up okay?

Yeah, but if I leave it on too long, it cuts off my blood circulation :slight_smile: Well not really, just it’s pretty tight, even on the loosest setting as it is meant for the arm. When I wear it there all day, I often wear it around my ankle in my sock.

I am now using a Minimed722 and both cases work with that too!

neat =] thanks for sharing

wen i was on the pump I used a phone case after a while (:
It was like a Croc…hahah. ;]

Wow! This thing is mega-cool! As far as wearing on lower leg goes. VERY convenient. I am assuming it does not fall down like the ones from the pump companies. We need this, whether or not she puts the receiver in it. We need it for the pump!