My new pump case :)

Hi! I have been doing my saline start with the pump and in a few days I get to start with insulin :) :) I had been using the clip that came with it and clipping it to my waistband but decided to try something else. I bought a Body Glove cell phone case at walmart for 9 dollars and it seems GREAT!! it has a carabiner clip that I clip it to my waist with and I like where the actual pump is better like that then clipped agaist me. Its the PERFECT height for my minimed 722 and a bit wide but not much and it seems nice like that cause I can leave the clip on so its there when i what to use it. Its the style that opens at the top and you squeeze the sides to make it open. I have found this style to be very easy to get the pump in and out too. Its also a protective case which is a big plus to me as I hate scratching stuff like that :) Here are a few pics and I hope maybe helps someone else!!!

Looks great! I will look for one like this, as I wear my pump in a similar case (Case Logic, MP3 player case). I also use a MM722. Hope that the pump start will go smoothly!!

Thanks Kristen!! I should have metioned also that they come in a few colors too!!

I like it! Next time I’m at Wally-world, I’m going to look for it. thanks!

Your welcome :slight_smile: I’m really liking it. Wearing the pump in it without the clip on its really nice and flat!!

I will have to watch out for one of these, thanks for sharing!

your welcome Jessica :slight_smile: I really like mine, Its a comfy way of wearing it, its easy to get in and out and is protective!!!