"IR" gone

I don't want to speak too soon, but the "insulin resistance" I've been dealing with for MONTHS now has finally seemed to go away ... Hopefully!

In around October I suddenly started going high pretty much constantly, and my TDD went from 40-50u up to 65-75u, and often I was still having highs! It was crazy. I was sure maybe I was developing double diabetes or something even though my weight hadn't changed.

However, over this past week I suddenly started going low constantly, and my TDD has dropped back from 65-75u most days to back to 40-50u!

The only two things I can figure is maybe weather, and also maybe stress. I got a new job last week and will be starting in a month, and am soooooo happy about that. Over the past few years I've worked "full time" by combining multiple part-time jobs, and it's been fairly stressful doing so.

I don't know whether weather or stress alone can have that dramatic of an effect, but maybe combined?! I am just hoping it lasts, because it is SO nice to take < 5u for most meals now (instead of close to 10u!) and to have highs come down immediately instead of lingering for half the day ... I don't want to speak too soon, though, knowing me I might jinx it!!

Congratulations on the new job!! And on getting the amount back down to what it was previously!

Great news on the job Jen. Guess I can't say *hooray* yet? :)

Great news, a good job is more important than ever these days!
And yes, I think stress can play a big role on glicemic control.

I am happy for you. A good job, one that is satisfying, not too stressful and has consistent and reasonable hours is a dream. I hope if works out well.

Congratulations on your new job, and yes, a change of seasons changes insulin needs, at least for me. I lowered my basal and I:C ratio toward the end of March. The day I forgot to lower my Levemir, I got an evening low of 34.

I've had the same problem. Now in the last month or so, I am getting back in range and using less insulin.Seasonal changes and stress.