Irritable bowel

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone can share experiences with irritable bowel. I have gastroparesis so am no stranger to stomach pain and diarrhoea and constipation but think I have symptoms of irritable bowel as well. I’m currently dealing with rectal spasms and clear mucous from my butt :frowning: Bowel issues are certainly not fun and I have such severe anxiety I get worried it’s something more sinister. I see my gastroenterologist in a few weeks so will update her on symptoms but would appreciate info on any symptoms and treatments others have had.

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Look up Heather’s Help for IBS. She has the most helpful resources. they will even answer questions if you need something. I have relied on her info for many years, as my IBS-D comes and goes. My issues are worse when my thyroid meds are off, but I also have anxiety issues and her advice has helped. The low FODMAP diet has helped as well. I don’t have GP tho so you may not need some of this info! It’s been really hard this past year, with all the sitting in the car because you cannot go into a business. My nervous tummy was not pleased and stayed home a lot!


Amelia, I’d strongly recommend that you ask your gastroenterologist to test you for Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis. Yes, it’s possible that what you have is IBS, but IF it’s IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) instead, the sooner you get treatment, the better. IBD is an autoimmune illness, and (assuming you’re a T1), it’s not unusual for people with one autoimmune illness to get another type. I hope I’m wrong…that would be the best outcome but I also know from experience (my niece has Ulcerative Colitis) that delaying treatment can do more damage.

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I have IBS and am trying to control with food. it is difficult the switch between constipation and loose stools is not fun. It can also be very embarrassing.

Google low FODMAPS for IBS and gastroparesis symptoms. It may help. Being T1, the carbs may not need to be reduced as much.

My IBS diagnosis was Microscopic Colitis (also called Lymphacitic Colitis and Collagenous Colitis – considered by many now to be all the same condition). Also have varying amounts of gastroparesis. Most bothersome symptom is when I have liquid diarrhea to the extent of some incontinence. During this year of not being in public much, the sounds of an orchestra tuning up, including drums and wind instruments, haven’t been as embarrassing. Have tried different dietary approaches, low FODMAPS being the most difficult to keep to for me, but I think intermittent fasting, sometimes followed by liquifying all food for a few days, has been most successful, though not always successful. Helps both the colitis and the gastroparesis, the latter giving me the most problem when I bolus and don’t process the food, or need to raise a low bg when I don’t have a gel (or Karo syrup, which I find easiest to hold in my mouth to process). In most recent flareup, I took Imodium when leaving home, as well as fasting, and avoided some of the raw foods I ordinarily eat, as well as dairy and caffeine (am celiac, so never eat wheat). Pepto Bismol helped when nauseated. Gastro would have put me on Budesonide, but I don’t like to use a corticosteroid.

It sounds a severe case. I’m on a biologic ustekinumab that may help with your Lymphocytic Colitis, depending on your insurance.

Edit, Sorry, I was think of ulcerative colitis
Ustekinumab | Crohn's & Colitis UK.