Irritated bump after Pod moved

Hi fellow Pod users -

Wondered if anyone else has had this.....I recently changed a pod and noticed at that time it was uncomfortable (upper arm) and when I removed it there was a bump under where the cannula was. OK, I've had that before but it went away in a day. This bump has not gone away and it's sore if I push down on it. I'm assuming this is not something to be worried about, but wondered if anyone had an explanation for why it's still there and sore after a few days? It's not something I'll run to my Endo. about right away so in the meantime, I'm asking you :)

Sounds like a basic infection. I'd ask at least your general doctor if nothing else. Over-the-counter stuff may help, but an antibiotic may be a better solution, but that's up to your doc to decide.

Beyond the idea of adding an anti-biotic, more about that in a bit, I would also pay particular attention to the location you had the pump in place. Likely, it was located at a more major movement point. Meaning you were irritating it each time you moved. Maybe a bit too close to the end of the muscle or at a point where the muscle moves a bit more than you realized? Not every location will work for everyone, and depending on your normal muscle movements, you may have specific areas that will cause you more inflammation than others. As in if your daily routine means moving your arm in a specific set of movements all the time, think production line type of work, or even desk work if you are constantly shuffling paper from one stack to another etc.. anyway, I am sure you can figure out that sort of thing if you just think about it a bit.

Now, as to anti-biotics. They should be your last resort, not your first. I personally have already had to deal with 4 different versions of MRSA type infections. These were definitely caused by hospitalization, but the problem becomes more and more severe with each infection and each type of infection, making you possibly, and me particularly, more susceptible to more infections that are Multi resistant to the various anti-biotics available. If you can increase your vitamin C intake it will likely help your body more naturally take care of minor infections. You SHOULD research taking vitamin c a bit, before just purchasing the cheapest you can find somewhere. A large part of the available vitamins on the market make more claims than facts, and the actual versions of the vitamins, while they sound like more is inside, are actually created using chemical compositions that make it more difficult for your body to utilize. Just something to be aware of, and taking antibiotics for everything is actually bad for your general health, UNLESS absolutely required. If you do get antibiotic prescription, follow it exactly, and FINISH it completely. You may think the infection is gone, but if you do not finish the prescription as directed, you end up with a bit of the infection still left alive, that can easily mutate and become resistant to future attempts to kill it. This I know from experience, and believe me, it is NOT something you want to have to live with.

Sorry for the long post, but it is something that I have learned painfully, and do not wish anyone to have to live through if it is possible to prevent it.

Good Luck.

I agree it is likely a basic infection. Likely one of two things will happen. 1) it will go away in a few days to a week. 2) it will form a little abscess (this also takes a week to form, you can usually feel a tense pocket under your skin). If an abscess forms the treatment is to go to your doctor (family practice or surgery) and they will do an I&D (most endo's won't do this). Some physicians give antibiotics but they are not needed and do not replace the requirement of an I&D (incision and drainage). So either way you'll know in a week or so.

In the mean time you can apply warm compresses to the area to help increase blood supply, which will naturally help clear the infection.

Note: I have not seen your bump, the above advice should not replace seeing your doctor immediately if you become concerned.

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate them. I'm not a fan of antibiotics. I'm keeping an eye on the is not getting worse. It was just a new thing to me.

Thank you too or your input. I am not a fan of antibiotics either. In fact, I don't remember the last time I've taken them (15+ years?). I also believe in the power of Vitamin C. My bump is not getting worse so I'm glad for that. Just a new experience for me.

I have had this happen - just once, but I ended up with a rather painful, not-so-little bump (probably "abscess" would be more accurate). Soaking in a bath with epsom salts and also applying warm compress to the area helped the inflammation go down and it was gone entirely within a week. I asked my doctor about it after the fact, and she said I did the right thing, but if it ever happens again and I don't see a change from that home treatment, I should call. Note taken!