Is a swollen lymph node related to T1 diabetes?

My doctor used to always check them. Anyone have suggestions or ideas as to
a) why it might be swollen?
b) of it could be related/serious to my diabetes?
It is super sore, like “can’t turn my neck” sore. Its been about a day and half like this.I know they swell before colds and stuff, but I can’t put a finger on anything specific…
Thanks for the help!

You might have some sort of infection somewhere? Colds, throat, ears, wounds, mumps, tooth abscessed…
Could also be from measles, TB, Rheumatoid athritis…
See your doctor, better be safe.

Strong link between thyroid & T1… go see the doc.

I think a swollen lymph node is related to high blood sugar, in general, not specifically to Type 1. My husband is a Type 2 and when his sugars were in the 500s or so, his lymph nodes got horribly swollen really bad. He had one under his armpit actually burst… pretty gross. I’d go to the doctor…

thank you for the input! I have made an emergency appointment with my PCP, and my Endo looked at the last few days of numbers (BG, insulin, etc) but did not see anything she was too concerned with. Hopefully just an oncoming cold, but you’re right… better be safe!

So the doc says thyroid is very unlikely due to location, but ordered a throat culture to check for infections, and will get me a blood panel work-up if it persists. Honestly, it feels much better today. I also told them my sugars have been fine, and at that instant I thought the nurse was going to have a panic attack b/c my sugar was 48 mg/dl. I felt fine! They got me Kool-Aid (bleck!) and some crackers. Gotta love the stress of going to the doctor’s!

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Hi! I am having the same issues and was wondering… did you ever find out what it was?

I cannot turn my head without high pain sensations in my right lymph node… it’s accompanied by diarrhea (constant bubble guts) and dry mouth, even caused a mouth sore on the roof of my mouth that is slow to heal…

Sound like diabetes? I have been a tad promiscuous lately and Google is scaring me with HIV pop ups and even cancer. It’s me who thinks it’s my recent and even long history of sugar intake but have yet to get my blood sampled… scared, it’s a big deal.

I had a swollen lymph node behind my ear.
I thought it was lymphoma, but it turned out to be a parotid tumor.
Sooo no need to be scared but definitely get checked out.
You will sleep better

Lymph nodes act as the body’s filters. An enlarged lymph node can be anything from an infected cut to something more serious. Go to your doctor and have it checked.