Diagnosed almost two months ago as type 1

Hi everyone!

Almost two months ago, on September 25th, I was diagnosed as type 1. It's been a really interesting couple months to put it mildly...

My doctor says I have been the model patient - which is awesome! This morning though I discovered a swollen lymph-node under my chin on one side. Is this something I should go running to the doctor about (even though I'm sure its probably just the beginning of a cold or something given the season...) just because I have am a diabetic?

All of this is just so new and overwhelming some days. I very much so have a love/hate relationship with this diabetes monster.

We're all different in how much we utilize doctors, but me I would wait and see. If it's a cold, it's just a cold. If it starts to look like something more, then I might consider going to the doctor. The important thing with any kind of illness is to keep a close watch on your blood sugar as illness can raise it and you might need more insulin until you are better.

Hi Ali: Welcome to the club, even though that is such a weird thing to say! Zoe has given good advice; just test your BG often to be sure you are okay. Also, if you do get a cold, some cold meds can really raise blood sugar, so be careful what you take, if anything.

Thank you guys for the advice!! And thank you for the welcome!!!

I haven't taken cold medicine before - but I'm glad I know that now so I can avoid it in the future! :)

I am feeling better with minor sniffles. So happy that it has seemed to pass! :)

Welcome. I've been at it since 1984. You can get better treating T1D. Relax. Be curious. Experiment. Write stuff down. Don't stress - you have a lifetime to get this right!