Is anyone else like me :(

Im an odd one. I am completely dependent on insulin. 3 shots a day (I use the novo epipen style). Morning and noon it’s fast acting and then around 8pm it’s the long. Now my question to you is… is anyone else “Type 2” but have all symptoms besides glucose lvls of a Type 1? My doctor always shakes his head at me because sometimes I can be extremely high (BS of 29.7), and some days I can be extremely low (BS 3.2)…never usually have to urinate at all, but can drink an ocean in a day… Does this make me a type all of my own? lol I also have Multiple Sclerosis which does effect things moderately, but I’m beginning to be confused lol. Been diagnosed back in 2003 for being diabetic…and Im not really “Obese” by any means, I count my food intake, Ive changed a lot in my life over the years…My Body just likes to create mind games for doc’s I guess… hmmm shrug

All indications are that you have what is known as LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)…essentially type-1 diabetes which develops later in life. You should ask you doctor to test you for C-peptide and the usual antibodies seen in type-1 diabetics - anti-insulin, anti-islet cell and anti-Glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor but just a type-1 diabetic with a lot of knowledge acquired through reading and discussions.

Hmm I see the doc again in 2 days, I’ll mention that to him. Makes me wonder why he doesnt do regular blood work checkups, because coming to this forums site, I am so confused. Diagnosed almost 7 yrs ago, and it’s like I know nothing :S


You mentioned that you also have Multiple Sclerosis. As far as I know, this is an autoimmune disease. Given that autoimmune diseases often come in groups, it is very possible that you have autoimmune diabetes (either type 1 or LADA).

This may not change a lot about your treatment, since you are already on insulin. Are you seeing a diabetolgist/ endocrinologist? This doctor may be able to teach you to use your insulin more effectively. It is definitely worth checking into it!

Thanks for the feedback. It’s frustrating at times when you feel like you’re the odd one out and alone lol =/ Really glad I found this site.

No Katrina - don’t feel alone. We’ve all gone thru’ wierd times with our diabetes - none of us are perfect (I know I’m not). I think the best thing for you is to see a doctor that knows their stuff about diabetic management (like Kristin says) - and hopefully together you’ll be able to tweak your insulin(s) - so that you don’t do so much of the roller coaster ride with your BG’s. When I was younger, I used to go up/down - and it’s pretty draining as I’m sure you’ll agree - and also frustrating that it makes you want to SCREAM (been there, done that).

I know for myself, I couldn’t rely on medical doctors, as endos that know there stuff where I live, are hard to find. I had to educate myself, and still am, learning from others like John above, etc. There is a great bunch of people here at Tudiabetes, as well as various diabetic websites all over the Internet. Just always make sure you check with your doctor first tho’ before doing anything crazy (tho’ I’ve been known to just go ahead, and usually it works, but just be careful is all I’m saying to you).

Also, I just know, that I never categorise diabetes, we are diabetics, in whatever form, and we are all different with the way we treat it. I know others may jump on me for saying this (have been told off at other forums for saying this) - but that’s my opinion (and I’m not a medical expert either like John - just have been living with D for the past 42 years).

So, hang in there!

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