Is anyone here on the Omnipod overweight?

I’m getting worried about where I’m going to put it because of all of my stretch marks from 2 kids and being fat. I have lots of good space on my thighs and probably my upper arms, but I would like to also be able to put it on my stomach. I give shots there, so maybe I can situate it so that it’s between marks or something.

Do you think the adhesive would stick well over the marks?

My trainer is coming on Tuesday and I’m getting nervous! LOL

I am not over weight but I have a daughter—Pod does fine over my stretch marks. Have you tried placing the Pod on your back? Yep, I think the adhesive would be fine:)

Nope, not on my back yet, I’m sure it will be one of my spots if I can get Hubby to put it there for me. I don’t have it up and running yet…Tuesday’s the day. It’s sitting over in the corner in it’s box still.