Looking for site suggestions!

I've been using the Omnipod for almost 2-1/2 years and I think I am starting to have some trouble with scar tissue and insulin absorption on my "favorite" sites (which are basically low back and low abdomen, beneath my underwear). Looking for suggestions where other people are wearing the Omnipod. I usually place it on my arm every few weeks but this isn't my favorite because I tend to bump it into door frames more often than you would think! Unfortunately, there is not much room to experiment since I don't have pods to spare, so I thought I'd see if anyone has ideas. Does anyone wear it on their thigh? When I went through pump training I was told not to put it on my thigh because I don't have enough fat there (I'm not tiny/skinny, just muscular), but she also told me the same thing about my lower back and it turned out okay. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

My son does it on his thighs...that is his preferred site. No issues at all and he has almost zero body fat and plays sports.

We are looking for new sites too and think I am going to have him try lower back...did not know you could do it there. Thanks!

Thanks! The low back/upper butt is by far my most favorite site, since it is totally out of the way, always covered by my clothes and I can hardly feel it when laying down. Sadly, I think I've over-used it but I think I'll try my thigh this next pod change.

I use the same sites you use plus I go about 1-2 inches above my waist. I have a little chunk of fat there so it works for me. I tried my thigh and it didn't work well there.

My son had the same problem for a while with his favorite sites. He wears his pod on his thighs, arms, and abdomen without an issue. One suggestion which may help is to reverse the direction the pod is going. For example, if you always put the cannula pointing toward your belly button, try putting it on so the cannula is pointing away from your belly button. That was enough of a change to solve his absorption problem and the buildup of extra skin went away.

This is a great question and I look forward to hearing other suggestions.

I've only been on the pod/pump since February of this year, but upper thigh is one of my favorite spots. I haven't noticed any difference in glucose levels related to pod placement yet. Lower abdomen is also a good site for me as I don't have to avoid my belly button as it was a casualty from some messed up abdominal surgery a few years back.

I've never tried it on lower back....just seems like an akward area to get to?

I have it above my waist right now and so far I don't like it because it feels less secure, just hanging out under my sweater. I have probably asked my husband to check it 3 times to make sure it's still inserted, so I know it's probably not HIS favorite site either. :) Guess I am used to a tighter layer of clothing holding it in place, though there's certainly enough fat to make this an effective location.

That is a really good suggestion, I very rarely point the cannula out (away from belly button) so this will definitely be worth a try!

You definitely need to use a mirror but it's my very favorite spot (as evidenced by the fact that I've clearly over-used it...). Maybe a little more "upper butt" than "lower back," if that makes sense.

I like the upper thigh/butt area (Flank area--where butt and thigh meet. does that make sense?). You do have to be a little careful when going to the bathroom and pulling down underwear, but otherwise, I have great luck with that site. also, I occasionally use my love handles (side of abdoment) but don't have great success there--falls off more frequently.

And you can do that with all of your sites. So on your arm, you can point the cannula down towards your hand or up towards your shoulder, etc.

The abs are a big area, think higher and such. I tend to use the area under my elbow on my side as a fall back area.

Also, keep in mind as a Type 1 diabetic ages, insulin resistance will go up normally. Talk to you doc about this. It occurs because the insulin we use is not out own, so the body slowly gains resistance to this "foreign" substance. But, even normal folks tend to loose insulin sensitivity to their own insulin as they age too.

My fav spot is on my boobs my bra also protects it get my best readings there also my cgm best readings

I also use my thighs and also rotate the pod up and down which helps a lot I also use my stomach. I will try it on my lower back. When I use it on the back of my arms I am most likely get a occlusion and like others have said it most likely gets hit from door jams.

Where on your boob???? I'll have to try that! I use my sides, especially if I am going for a massage. Inner thighs work OK for me and they are very thin, but the pods tend to not stick as well there.

Yes, I usually have bad luck with the arm, for both of the reasons you mentioned. It almost never lasts 3 days, due to either pod error or, um, door frame error (having it on my left arm and getting in and out of my car is somehow a recipe for disaster)

I frequently use the area above my waistline midway between that and the bottom of my bra. I know that others use the area more to the side (the "love handle" area) if they have enough fat there. (I have no problem finding extra flab there!) I especially like to use the front upper abdomen area when I fly since many times the airlines see the Pod on X-rays and want me to rub the Pod through my clothes before they swab my fingers. Having the Pod between bra line and belt makes this process discrete and easy. I have been diabetic for many years with lots of scar tissue, but I find this area works well.

My fave spots are on my back on the waist area and I have the canula going into where the most fatty part of my back is, just about my boo-tay where I have a little extra skin :) I also like the upper thigh area. Also depends on what I wear LOL so I can "hide" it as much as possible. I would like to do my arm but the same thing, I always forget and rip it off when I am taking off my shirt. When I do my thighs I have to remember I put it there if I am running to pee and rip my pants off in a hurry and along goes my pod with it. ha ha ha

Strange that many people have bump problems om their arm. It’s my favorite spot. The back of my arm to be exacte. Never had any issues and use them allways 3 days + 8 hours.

I put them on the boob either up top near my arm pit or the other side, it is a perfect spot, well hidden within the bra and unless you are going on a date or something it is out of the way of every activity. My best readings are there. I also use it around the rib cage area (not as good readings) as it is not noticeable either much as when wearing a bra you would think that it hides that area as it is indented. lol i use my arms, stomach, thighs low back and upper butt as well. best spots, boob-lower back/upper butt-arms etc… stomach i do not have very good readings.