Is Diet stuff really bad for you like they say?

Being a diabetic your limited to so many things, especially drinks. No regular soda, no juice, limited milk…so what do I drink? I am addicted to diet soda. I have to say I probably go through a bottle every 2 days. My family keeps telling me how bad it is because of the chemicals and I know when I was pregnant I wasnt allowed any sugar substitute except splenda so there must be something true to aspartame and all the other substitutes. I recently started with the diet arizona tea with splenda which isnt bad. I hate drinking water but I dont mind some of the flavored ones.

I know when I use artificial sweetner or have too many diet sodas, I crave more sweets. A study came out within the past year proving this theory. When you consume something sweet, your body is expecting the empty calories. When it doesn’t get those empty calories, it wants more. I used to raid the pantry daily. I quit the artificial stuff, I’ve lost 10 lbs. Go figure

I drink iced herbal teas & brew them strong for more flavor. Sometimes I add carbonated water (seltzer, which has no added salt) to the teas for fizz. I also like plain seltzer. Don’t like the flavor of sugar substitutes.

There are lots of flavored coffees and teas without sweetener that taste really good.

I drink lots of tea – sun brewed ice tea in the summer, hot tea the rest of the year! I love it! You can buy different flavors and get some variety!

I don’t necessarily have any problems choosing foods that avoid things like sugor bad fats, but to make alternate choices with things like artificial sweeteners concerns me as well. These days, I drink a lot of water. I have well water at home and just reuse bottles, over and over again. I will usually flavor it with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of stevia. All natural, no chemicals and avoids too much caffeine.

I gave up all diet sodas a year ago last June. I gave up the sugar kind long ago, even before I found out that I was diabetic. It was a little hard at first, especially if I ate something that a cold soda would go with. But after a while it became easier. I don’t miss it at all now, even when everyone else around me is drinking a soda. My wife is almost addicted to Pepsi so we have it around a lot. I do have a glass of Crystal Light every once in a while. That does have artificial sweetener in it but I mostly drink water. We got a water filter and I also re-use bottles.

Thank you all for your comments and advice