Is it diabetes

Ok I need to know what real people everyone here ok here are my symptoms I get light headed,I get dizzy I get very nervous like shaky cold feet sweaty clamy palms headaches I almost like I’m in a fog now after Dr upon Dr and talking with my neurologist I figured id watch my glucose my numbers almost always were high like +120 always so I had an a1c it was good 5.2 but when I feel all these symptoms I check an I’m mid to low 70’s so I grab quick carbs and sugars once up to 90-100 my muscles hurt so my question am I barking up the wrong tree or do I stay with looking towards diabetes what’s everyone think I need to get back to life being afraid to leave home is just wearing on me help please suggestions an thoughts would be appreciated

Likely not

doesnt sound like diabetes, those are normal non-diabetic blood sugars and a normal A1C— assuming you’re not taking any medications to keep them there, it sounds to me like something else is giving you these sensations

Mid to low 70s are not low blood sugars. I agree with Phil and Sam: you are describing normal blood sugars.

Thank you everyone I really appreciate your help not asking with the assumption that anyone is a Dr but um any thoughts of something it could be i dont trust drs at this place im solo researching

I’ll copy paste from the other thread.
“For a person who isn’t on hypo inducing meds, there is no need to maintain over 70. as this is a safety margin for those on hypo inducing meds.
For everyone else, It can be quite normal to be in the 60’s. True hypoglycaemia is under 50. Although you normally treat hypo symptoms at any number, by having something to eat.” Then seek medical advice if needed.