Why do I feel bad?

I was recently diagnosed. I was seeing my MD because of periods of weakness, dizziness and a weird brain fog. We found my non fasting BG to be 150 and my A1c 6.3. With diet modification I can keep a fasting BG below or right at 100. The highest reading I saw was 170 1 hr after high carb meal and 2 Krispy Kreme donuts (I was trying to see my high) LOL

My problem is that the periods of weakness and dizziness and brain fog are continuing. It doesn’t seem to relate to hi or low BG. Any thoughts? My heart test (echocardiogram) is fine and thyroid tests in normal limits. BP is fine also.

Have you ever tested with a low blood sugar? (below 70 mg/dl)

Could you be dehydrated ? Do you know if your sodium and potassium are okay, when my K was low (em maybe it was hi) ANYWAY, I felt just exactly how you describe. Are you eating reg. meals ?

I agree with Kristin, as soon as you get that brain fog feeling do a test and see where you are. If you find you are are 70 or below it might be time for a snack or glucose tabs. Just be careful; you don’t want to overtreat and get too high. I get that foggy feeling first usually when I drop to below 70 and if I test at that point I will find I’m between 65-68 any lower than 65 and I start getting weak and shaky then everything goes downhill if I get into the 50’s. Have you seen a CDE (certified diabetes educator) yet? They can help you understand the symptoms and how to treat these episodes.

Dear wanda.

I have had your symptoms ever since I developped diabetes about 12 years ago I thought this is somewhat normal for a diabetic. Of course this depends on the degree and could well be a sign that something else is wrong. It might be well worth the investment to get a blood sugar meter and measure 8 times a day for a while and see if the symptoms are related to BG measurements. The symptoms will be much worst when BG is over 180 and under 70 but in my case they are always present slightly even under perfect blood sugar situations. Difficult to live with but we do not have a choice. Exercise really helps. Good to hear that your heart seems fine.

If I ate 2 krispy creams my bg would be in the 300’s so far you seem to be doing ok although your A!c of 6.3% seems high for someone so mildly diabetic. So it would be interesting to see what your BG is doing 8 times a day. Measure and report back to us, somebody may have some ideas.

Thank you for your interest.

I do check my BG often. I have 3 different meters. They all say something different. It is confusing. The best think I get from it is that I have never seen over the 170. I get these “bad feelings” at any level. I try to drink a lot of water. I have never had a BG below 79. I have seen a DE and am trying to figure out what to eat. Breakfast seems to be the key to the day.

All results can be correct since todays meters have a +/- error average of 15-20 percent. There are many other factors that can make the numbers incorrect. Be sure that the strips are in date, always kept in the can till use and if your meter needs coding, you code it correctly.

This isn’t necessarily related to diabetes. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you and do you have any other health issues?

And what is a brain fog exactly? Honestly, it is unlikely anyone here will be able to give you anything resembling a diagnosis but you may want to consider seeing a neurologist given the symptoms you are describing.

Dear Wanda.

I have been eating a low carb breakfast consisting a lot of the time of fried eggs and you can get egg white to reduce the amount of yoke with some fried veggies in it like peppers, green yellow or red, onions at bit they are quite sugary and sometimes even broccoli or mushrooms. This fills you up without spiking the BG early in the day and does seem to make thinks better.

Hi Wanda,

Better to pick one meter to test. You’ll make yourself nuts testing one against the other. No meter is 100% accurate (far from it!), but your readings should correlate pretty close to your next A1c. I had a bunch of meters (freebies) & took them to my lab when I had blood tests done. I measured my meter against the lab reading. Still not a perfect solution to selecting the most accurate one, but at least it gave me some info.

If your BG was previously high & now you’re in a better range with diet changes, what you may be experiencing is a feeling of being low when you’re really not. Our bodies get used to feeling high & it takes a bit of adjustment to feel more normal at normal levels. Your description of feeling dizzy, weak & foggy is what many of us experience with low blood sugar.

If this continues, definitely speak to your doctor.

Try to eat on a regular schedule, if you can, & don’t skip meals.

Like Elyse, I do better if my breakfast is mostly all protein. It keeps me more level.