Is it getting worse?

I have been doing amazing for a long time. Numbers always between 90 and 150, Fasting and after food. I take no meds and have been on a low carb diet. But in the past month things have been going to down hill fast. I’m seeing 200’s after not seeing that for over 2 years!! My diet is exactly the same. The only thing that makes me very VERY mad is this med i take for me BP had made me put on 50lbs in a year. But even then it was only up till about December that my number have been getting so bad.

I’m so upset right now. I have also been dealing with a lot of stress, losing some a long time friend and now my Dad has cancer.

But more that anything, i have not seen a number of 200 in a year. I have tired 3 different maters so i know its not that.

I have so much going on right now i dont need this!! I feel its getting worse, i stick to such a very strict diet. I hate my DR so right now im looking for some one new, Look im sorry if i sound frantic guys.

I should also say, i still have readings when i wake up of 85 to 115

Stress can certainly send numbers climbing. Sorry about your friend & your father. A lot to deal with & then high BG adds to the existing pressue. Understand feeling frantic & frustrated. What helps me cope with stress is exercise. Glad your fasting is good. Happens with T2 when phase I insulin response is good, but phase II for meals isn't.

Actually, it's the opposite. Type 2's lose their first phase insulin response, which is what keeps BGs from rising too high after meals, but usually retain significant second phase response, which is what brings them down after the initial peak (sometimes it overshoots, and they go low!), and keeps them steady when fasting.Mark doesn't seem to have a Dawn Phenomenon, which is caused by counterregulatory hormones that are active in the early morning.

Mark, the 50 lb. probably exacerbated your insulin resistance, which may be why you're seeing higher numbers. Plus you may be losing more beta cells as time goes on. It may be time for meds -- Type 2 is usually progressive, and your poor pancreas may just be pooping out some more. Metformin is good for reducing the liver's overproduction of glucose, and results in weight loss for many people. It's also been around for a long time, and so is a very safe drug.

You should talk to your doctor -- while some people can do well on low-carb diets, and essentially put their diabetes into remission, not everyone can do it. Type 2 is a misnomer, anyway -- there is much variation among people who are diagnosed as Type 2 -- it's really an umbrella term for a number of different diseases. So some Type 2's are thin, and some are obese, and some can maintain on diet alone for years and years, and some go downhill rapidly.

Wishing you the best of luck -- do take care of yourself!

This may be way off the mark, but I thought I'd suggest it since this is happening to me. Have you been checked to see if there could be something else effecting your glucose?

Recently, I began to suspect that my seasonal allergies were, in fact, all year round. My body itched, but no rashes would appear. The glands in my throat swell and my eyes turn red, but don't itch. My doctor (a DO) didn't believe me and told me there was nothing more I could do for my allergies. I had been on Fexofenadine for over a year and was at the highest does I could have. She couldn't even think of a supplement I could use..... I went and saw an allergist after my manager, a nurse, told me that allergies can have an effect on my glucose. I got myself tested 3 weeks ago and found that I'm allergic to pretty much all the seasonal stuff, but it is a year-round issue and my reactions are completely different from what they were 2 or even 3 years ago. I'm starting allergy shots this Friday and looking for a new primary doctor. Also, if I don't address the inflammation from my allergies, my glucose just keeps going up, despite my daily walks. The other day, I went from 164 (much too high for me) to 96 (after taking an anti- inflammatory and walking on the treadmill for almost an hour).

So, my suggestion is, could there be something you're not catching that may effect your glucose? There seems to be so much that effects us. Anyhow, I hope you can find a doctor who can help you figure it out. Best of luck to you!

I was going to suggest insulin but with the stress and weight gain problem that would not be a winner. What BP med made you gain 50 lb ?