Theory blow to heck,

After eating perfect for a week, exercising, taking meds, blood sugar has gone up by about 40 points ( 140’s fasting don’t know where it’s going next), vision is a blurrr, can’t sleep, good energy level. Life is Great

"Shakes head"
Don’t make no sense,

Big D

oh Big Daddy- Poor thing. I feel for you, I do.
Any added stress lately (besides the D)? Anything emotional going on? Any sickness?

Don’t stress too much about it. You’re doing a great job if your BG has been great all week.
It happens. Every day is different from the next. Roll with the punches right? (Even if the punches are coming in rapid succession straight to the gut- thanks genetics!)

could be a couple things like dawn phenomenom or you are getting sick. DP is a high fasting reading because your liver thinks you’re starving when you asleep cause you haven’t eaten in hours so it dumps sugar into your blood stream to save you - my doc puts me on metformin and tells me to eat a snakc before bedtime. if you’re getting sick you will get high sugars when your body is fighting it off. OR it could be just a weird thing and fix itself in a day or two

dawn phenomenon

That’s a for sure pattern that’s starting. Thinking about not checking til later in the day. Drives me bats. Will keep my eye on it,

Big D

Roll with the punches right?

Whether it’s pak, perry, deflect, stuff, or simply not be there, I’ll deal with those punches. They always come in awfully sudden rapid succession. Stress, what’s stress?

Big D

try to check your sugars before bed and when u wake up. if it’s a big rise then it may be DP

Last night it was the same. 135 before bed, 140 this morning, 135 after exercise, 120 after a meal. It’s always spiked after meals and early a.m., now it’s the opposite. Things that make you go Hmmm?

Big Daddy

Life with diabetes is a trip.

Dawn phenomenon packs a powerful wallop (to keep with Marps’ punching theme). I went to bed last night at 108 & woke up to 157. Am beginning to wonder if I’m eating in my sleep:)

The theory is correct, but the diabetes gods are sneaky little pranksters. They like to deal strange cards sometimes just for the sheer fun of it. They like to frustrate & steer us off course.

I’m concerned about your vision being blurry because that can be a sign of high BG, though yours aren’t high.

You may need an increase in meds with rising numbers. Also, there’s the possibility that you may be a misdiagnosed Type 1, which is sadly common. Doctors assume T2 based on age &/or weight without running the tests for a real diagnosis.

omg I have been wondering about sleep-eating for YEARS. Can go from a 80 before bed to a whoppping 250 when I wake up! I only sleep 5 or 6 hours! WTF am I doing in my sleep?? haha.

yeah file under hmmm.

sometimes Big D is like dating a redhead - you never know what will set it off. good luck and keep trying to make sense of it

maybe you dream about eating cupcakes?

I think sleep-eating is for real. I only sleep 5-6 hours also. The hell with food, I wish I could sleep! My doc had a hard time deciding if it’s gastroparesis causing morning highs, dawn phenomenon or both. I told him let’s go for broke & say it’s both because there’s not much to be done about either!

mmmm… prolly the german chocolate ones, with the chocolate truffle filling and shredded cocunut frosting?

You might have to cut your sleeping down to 4 hours. We have to do whatever it takes to get the BS down. Oh yeah, you might have to duc tape your mouth and tie your hands. :}

I personally have used the one hour sleep and put a time engaged lock/chain around my ankle which should keep me out of the kitchen.

I used to have red hair and everyone always commented on how I had such a temper.
Well, it’s almost black now… so what’s the excuse?

Maybe I’m just a b*tch

you’re just deep down a redhead at heart

Marps have pity. Don’t mention chocolate. It’s a drug to me…mmmm love the stuff.

What ever it is, the answer is around the corner. My GP called late this afternoon and referred me to a “endo” for another problem that has just surfaced. Maybe even related and aggravating the diabetes. How cool would that be, Since I’ll be there for that problem that just got worse, he can address the D a lot closer.

Yeah maybe grasping at straws but I think not,

Turn the Page.

Big Daddy

How do you get so much sleep? So Lucky,

Big D