Is it possible to adjust to constant change?

I just recently learned that there is a cheaper way to take care of my T1D I spoke to my doctor recently about an insulin that was a lot cheaper then the price of taking Lantus there are some down falls to this route of taking care of your body as which there is for everything in life with the ups come the downs but for almost one year of being dx I have been really stressing out about not knowing if I will have my medicine or my lifeline as we call it. I've discussed these hardships with my doctor about how its easy to get the script but filling it is a whole different world for an uninsured T1D as myself. I feel My doctor knowing I'm not insured nor do I qualify for medicate should have factored this in to his decisions of my life Gevity. I'm sure Lantus is probably the Patron of long acting insulin right now but if well drinks are 2 for 1 every Thursdays why not get your bang for your buck. I now have to start from ground zero with my meds. I don't blame my doctor as much as my own self. I feel as if I'm doing something wrong for not having insurance and missing out on making this part of the dx easy or maybe easier. Do I get a new job now just for insurance purposes? That sounds unhealthy to me yet healthy in its own way. I hate that my job factures into my health now. I suppose I should wait till 2014. Do many of you with or without insurance have these problems or worries? What should I prepare for in times to come? How much insulin will it take to have a secured feeling of such what not? What are my option I don't know about? As I learn this dx I realize change is not always bad or good but change is inevitable which is hard in my eyes to adjust to. Is it possible to adjust to constant change?

I used NPH, 4 times a day, as a basal in MDI from 1986 till about 5 years ago. It worked pretty well. Not perfect, but pretty well. I had also used NPH+Regular two times a day from 1982 to 1986, less success in terms of overall bg control.

ReliOn (Wall-Mart) NPH is about $25 a vial, a lot cheaper than Lantus, not as cheap as it was 30 years ago (back in the 1980's it was like $5 to $7 a vial.)

Can you get a part time job that will get you some insurance to help pay for the insulin? Or I guess you can try nph and regular to see if they work well for you too. I think a lot of people have extra jobs or keep their job just because of insurance now. I'm not sure it that will be changing or not.

yeah I'm going to start NPH and sad to say that assistance program is one of many programs im enrolled in and the stress of calling those people to try to refill an order is too much compared to walking into Wal-Mart.

Yeah when I didn't have insurance a year ago and because my income was lower I received my Humalog & Lantus pens and needles absolutely free. Now that I have insurance it is one less thing I have to think about since all my D supplies are covered and are on automatic refill it's great. But I totally know where you are coming from for I was without insurance for 4 years and as a diabetic I worried if next year would I still qualify. It's always in the back of my mind what if I lose my job what if my employer changes insurance coverage these are things I feel we as diabetics shouldn't have to worry about. Our government should have something in place for people with Diabetes to cover the cost since they don't seem to want to help fund finding a cure. I read and article the other day that said our government only gives .05 per person with diabetes per day for research in finding a cure. That is like riding a horse for 2 hours and only giving the horse an eye dropper full of water to drink. It just amazes me the large amounts of money our government waste, and yet the things they should be spending money on is miniscule in comparison. One of my friends said to me that there is no money in finding a cure, it's more profitable not to find one.