The Writing is on the Wall

So I had my doctor’s appointment. I didn’t get yelled at per say… But my A1C did come back 11.3 because of my lack of being able to afford long acting and short acting insulin. The annoyance and turbulence never seem to end. But I’m not going to make this a whining blog. I just wanted to sort of update anyone who may have read my first entry. I am working on trying to figure out how to better manage my disease without having insurance (and basically no income). I have to be proactive, as we all do. I am really excited to start using my new meter. Apparently its the little things in life that you have to look forward to. I have to go back to the doctor fairly soon, as he said seeing him once a year wasn’t going to cut it. Who knew? Eye roll. He wants to check that I am getting things back under control. I was a little annoyed that he didn’t have any samples to give me. Like he doesn’t have something somewhere I could benefit from. Anyway, just blogging from the trenches. It’s gonna be an uphill climb for awhile.

did you try the assistance program i mentioned?

I haven;t read much about you but how can you justify tatts if you can’t afford insulin? Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a Kate Spade bag over insulin any day. May I suggest asking your doc or his assistant to swipe a supply for you? That’s what I do, even barter sometimes with the dietitian. They get it all for free.

What type of long acting insulin are you on? just curious… i know this is an old post however my endo was able to give me lantus smart cards they were called (i would assume you can get them in the states) and they gave me a free month’s supply of insulin… my endo gave me a whole stack of them… now it’s covered so nolonger need them , but ya that’s an alternative… ask about that.