Is it possible to control the pod with a smartphone?

Does anybody know if there is an app that allows pod users to use a smartphone to control the pod?

Unfortunately, no. The pod and PDM use a special radio frequency and protocol that cannot be generated by a smartphone.

It would be nice if the manufacturers used something like Bluetooth, so that someting like that would be possible - and maybe it will happen eventually.

The PDM and the pod together are an approved medical device. The FDA would have to get comfortable with the idea of a smartphone app and a pod being a medical device. There would be safety worries about hacking of the app, people making up their own apps, etc.

It would probably make artifical pancreas development simpler, though...

That's genius!! I'm going to contact Insulet, directly, to find-out if something like that is available.

Not a chance, sadly. As HPNpilot already pointed out, the it will be a cold day in hell when the FDA approves anything like that.

Highly unlikely, as said previously, the FDA would have real problems allowing this plus there are way too many different types of phones/devices and associated operating systems that would need to be completely tested. Just too many variables to ensure it will work EVERY time.

For example, in Canada, we can’t get certain glucose meters that have a parameter for setting the units of measure between US and Metric, thus, there are many meters in other Countries that are not available here because someone can inadvertently screw up the UOM setting. I was told this by the Ministry of Health It’s tough to get any medical device approved, in some Countries it’s harder than others.

It would be nice, but I just don’t see this ever happening, not in my lifetime anyway.

Not the Omnipods, but I've seen a demo of a pod like insulin pump from another company based on Bluetooth control. They had an Android app built already that would control the pod. It's very possible and easily done. I'd love it too, but I think the "tin foil hat" types will try to kill this effort if it does come around. People need to just chill, and let others do as they want.

Not sure if this was the pump, but I did finally find this: And the FDA did accept a Bluetooth control pump last year from AccuCheck, though It's not cell phone controllable and not available yet.

No. Only the PDM can control it.

No product with that feature, in the market yet. But several companies are working on it, including us (

We (and the others) will probably start selling our products somewhere else, outside the USA, first. The FDA is a lot tougher than CE and other regulatory agencies.

Wow.... the concept looks exciting!

Chilling and letting others do as they want sounds great.

If Insulet decides that they want to have their medical device controlled through a smartphone for everybody who keeps asking for it, will they still have a stand alone controller for those of us who prefer to have our entertainment devices and our medical devices in separate pieces of hardware?

Personally, and this is about personal preference after all, it's not tin foil hat thinking to want to keep the devices separate when I've either lost, damaged, or had my smartphone device stolen three times in the last two years. That's not including all the situations and places I've been where smartphones functioning as smartphones simply are not allowed. On my 12 hour trans-Pacific flight, I wonder how it would have gone down if I had turned off airplane mode on my Galaxy S2 to deliver my meal boluses.

I the meantime, my PDM has been functioning as designed without an incident for the last three years.

I get it. The convenience of app driven functionality, on the one hand, brings some semblance of normalcy to a diabetic routine that is anything but. I really do get it and I'd love for Insulet to at least update the design of the PDM to meet the general public asking for smartphone capability halfway. But, there are legitimate concerns if the responsibility for the essential hardware that controls the pod is handed over to another party, especially smartphone manufacturers.

I like the fact that there are other companies working on it. If it turns out, truly, that it is a better system, then market forces will accommodate. In the meantime, somebody else working on the nuts and bolts sounds great to me. I think my Omnipod does an adequate job and I'm satisfied with the results. If other options turn out to be better, I will avail myself of them. If it so happens to be Insulet that designs a better system, then all the better.

Very nicely put - I agree 110%! Competition (and choice)is a wonderful thing.

It's only a matter of time...

Very cool. Good luck to your team, I really hope you can get this off the ground and into the lives of us folks.

I don't know about the other companies but, if the FDA will let us have it our way, Pancreum will give you 3 choices.

You will be able to either (1) use your own smartphone, (2) use any commercial non-phone iOS/Android device (such as iPod Touch or Dell Streak, etc) or (3) buy our own controller from us (it runs on Android).

All of these choices will cost a lot less than the $500 that Insulet charges for its PDM.

Disclaimer: We still are negotiating with venture capital firms for additional funding, and still are a few years away from releasing a product.

Sounds exciting Gil. The level of flexibility you are offering your customers will be appreciated. Wishing you the best of luck and much success!

Dexcom appears to want to use smartphone technology to monitor BG in a future release.
Skip to 5:25 if you are impatient...

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That's the one I was thinking of originally and couldn't remember. Thanks for jumping in and helping us!

I hope the FDA eventually approves something like it. There's no reason they shouldn't.

it's nice they found a great use for a small computing device. What's amazing is that a $700 phone/pda is less expensive than adding a specialized small computer to any of these devices, especially after you'd buy a handful of these. Just too bad they are focused on only iPhones, especially with the loss of market share the iPhone has suffered to newer devices like Android and WP8 based phones.