Omnipod: From PDM to smartphone control?

I have listened to Insulet’s recent quarterly conference call and to a podcast of an investor conference on Tuesday with Patrick Sullivan, company CEO. Converting pod control from the separate PDA to a smartphone, a la Dexcom’s new G5 continuous glucose monitor, is a high company priority. Sullivan, who came on board about a year ago and has instituted major changes in quality control and marketing, said in the investor conference that a year ago he didn’t see much chance of controlling insulin delivery with one’s phone. He now says, with the success of Dexcom’s G5, his opinion had changed, and he sees the FDA approving that in 3-5 years. Personally, as quickly as medical technology is changing, I could see it even sooner. That’s great news to me and, I assume, others who don’t exactly love carrying the clunky CGM around. He also hopes to have Medicare coverage approved by the middle of next year, another big plus for podders.

I love the OmniPod.

Converting pod control from the PDA to a smartphone? (Short of a cure) could life get any better?:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Good idea in theory–until you accidentally butt bolus yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha! Funny.

Would be great, although admittedly I barely use my PDM anymore since I use Afrezza for bolus and corrections. The PDM is hardly ever with me and when it is it’s usually tucked in a backpack. I assume bluetooth would need to be added to the Pods though. Did he mention that Jim?

Regarding bluetooth, the company is already working on that in regards to integration with CGMs. As you might know, they have some type of joint development agreement with Dexcom, which would initially allow Dexcom CGM information to be accessed on a new-model PDM. Of course, the ultimate goal is an integrated system, which would be a step closer to the holy grail, the artificial pancreas. He said bluetooth integration involves a fairly simple motherboard change, which the company already has the engineering and manufacturing capability to do.

At this point in time, I’d be happy with a PDM that is smaller than a brick, even without smartphone control…

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Agreed. I don’t see why they also couldn’t integrate the two together for nighttime basal adjustments and suspensions for lows. I know they have a new touchscreen version set to come out soon (possibly next year). This one would be rechargeable and Bluetooth capable.

Rechargeable and Bluetooth enabled would be great as well as smart phone integration! Mikep, why do you use afrezza? Why not use the omnipod for your bolus and corrections? Does afrezza work faster or better?

Just wondering, why don’t you use the omnipod for bolus and correction. Does afrezza work faster?

Hi Trying - yes, Afrezza has been amazing for my bolus and corrections. Omnipod really is just a basal device for me now.

Thanks! I’m not familiar with Afrezza at all. Why is it better? Does it work faster than humalog?

@mikep and @Trying

Why even have the omnipod instead of Lantus? For dynamic basal purposes?

Yes and other benefits as well. Here is a thread with a ton of info that I started when Afrezza was first approved.

There are many others as well.

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Yes but I have considered the idea of going to shots for my basal.

I know I’m very interested to hear about that if you decide to go that route, @mikep so please keep us posted if you do.

I went the route of ditching the pump 3 weeks after starting with Afrezza back in April. As context, I had extremely tight control with the pump, using custom basals all over the place, etc.
I am using Toujeo now as its more stable than Lantus. And I am looking at Tresiba as it looks to be even more stable.
It takes some time to dial it in, but once you ditch the pump, the Afrezza + basal combo gives you so much freedom to enjoy life. I love it.