Is it possible to get a trial CGM?


My friend’s mother is a type 2- with pretty bad glucose control. One of her problems is that she seems to be getting hypers seemingly out of the blue, especially at night. I think a CGM would be idea for her- since she could wear it for at most 2 weeks and get a wealth of data that she could then use to tailor her insulin/meds/etc.

do any of you guys know of a way to do this? Can a CGM be ordered online? How did you guys end up with yours? I am assuming her insurance wouldn’t cover it- but FYI she has Kaizer in Sacramento- so maybe some of you know about that.


Lots of Endocronologists have loners in their office or can set you/your friend up for a trial run.

Kaiser-Permanente does not cover CGMS at this time.

I did a three day trial with a Minimed CGMS, which is more old-fashioned than the ones that many diabetics wear now. It did not show my blood sugar as I wore it, but after three days, we could look back at the results.

I got this as a free trial for the CGMS. It was helpful to see the patterns. Basically she should ask the doctor. Buying it for a short time is not very affordable.

Try this: