Is it really necessary for my wife to test her blood glucose level four times a day?

Everyday, my wife tests her blood glucose level four times a day (i.e., before B-fast, B4 Lunch, B4 Dinner, and B4 bedtime). Unfortunately, the tips of her fingers are getting really sore. As I wrote in my subject line, is it really necessary for her to test her blood glucose level four times a day? Her glucose levels seem under control so is four times a day really necessary? Finally, if not necessary, when should she do it? Can anyone recommend a logical and proven plan for this? Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

unfortunately the sore fingers is inevitable when testing your blood sugar everyday.
i think at least 4 times a day is necessary.
before meals and before bedtime is the most important time to test your blood sugar.
so keep it up!
sounds like you are doing a great job :slight_smile:

maybe someone here can give you tricks so when she tests her blood sugar it doesn’t her hurt as much.
good luck!

Yes it unfortunatly necessary to test - even more sometimes. This is more true if she is using insulin. She shouldn’t use the tip of the finger, rather the side of the finger tip both sides of the finger- now she have much more places to test. She can also use the base of the thumb in the palm (the thick part)
By testing she is learning her body and how her body reacts to certain foods, stresses. It is also necessary to test about 2 hours after eating to see what her body do with the food.

When she test she should ask herself why do I test - what do I want to learn about this number? Read here about testing.

Here is more reading on the subject

My Dad has to test 4 times a day. He’s on a sliding scale, so it’s the only way he would know how much insulin to take.

Alisha you are absolutely right, i forgot to mention that most of the time testing is usually the only way to know how much insulin to take!

How about testing using alternate sites like the arms? Every meter that I have has an extra cap for me to use when testing at alternate sights. The pamphlet included with the meters will show her where to test. It may take a little more work but it will give your wife’s fingers a break.

If her fingers are hurting THAT BAD, then I’d suggest the lancet is set to be too deep, it is it being used wrong (on the finger tips perhaps?)

I test 8-10 times a day, often more. First thing in the morning (fasting BG is important to know), before each meal, two hours after meals, before bed. If I feel low or high, after/during exercising, before driving any distance, I test.

The only way to truly know if her BG is under good control is by testing. Without getting reading two hours after meals, she doesn’t know if she’s taken the correct dose of insulin for that meal. Without keeping records of all her readings, her doctor won’t know if adjustments need to be made to her doses. Before meals is good, but after meals is very important also.

I find it annoying, like everyone else, but it’s not painful. As Sarah said, the lancet depth can be adjusted & also her lancet may be dull & need changing. I use the same one for months:) Sides of the fingers aren’t as sensitive.

Also, she may want to try a different brand. They are many types & she may find one that’s easier.

If she uses her arm an alternative site, be aware that the reading isn’t as accurate & is 15 minutes behind finger testing regarding the reading.

Testing is the most important thing a diabetic can do in order to know how the food they just ate effected their body! I test mine twice one hour apart after I eat anything new.

When I first started I tested 8 to 12 times a day, until I learned how different food effected my Blood Sugar!

Charlie, Texas

HI MARAD,it is very important for diabetic to tested at least before and 2hrs after meals and bedtime,and even more if using insulin and on the pump,you need to test before exec.before driving,and when you feel low’s and high’s.i would always want to know my numbers and how to deals with get behind your wife and be more encouraging,she need is hard being diabetic everyday of our lives,it take so much out of you that you feel like you can’t give be sweet to her alwaysSMILES//HAVE A GOOD DAY///AND TELL YOUR WIFE TO CHANGE LANCET EVERYTIME SHE STICK HER FINGER ON THE SIDE AND NOT THE TIPS

If she is only testing before meals she won’t get an accurate measure of what the food is doing to her system. My doctor suggested varrying testing throughout the week. If she basically eats the same amount at meals and knows what it will do to the bg she doesn’t have to test. If she is on insuling then she will have to test more to see if her dose is accurate. I test before and after exercise since my bg sometimes spikes when I exercise. Since I only take metformin and never get lows I don’t need to test as often. I usually test to get information about what foods to avoid.

hello jeannie, i am a pumper on insulin and i will need to check b4and after meals and sometime between meals and anytime i am feeling low or high and at bedtime and sometime doing the nite.this is my way of staying on top of everything.i change site often and i stick my fingers on the sides.i have never used the pills before,alway on insulin./////GOOD LUCK

Firstly, don’t use the tips of the finger, use the sides just below the tip. Also, alternate. You should be able to get at least 4 different spots from each finger which gives you (assuming 10 fingers) 40 different places to test. If you use different sites each time there should be no soreness. Lastly, if you are not using it alrady, try the accu-chek multiclix. Out of the 7 different devices I’ve tried it’s by far the easiest to use and least painful. She may also want to think about switching the testing times as has been suggested. You can really miss a huge amount by not testing after meals. By doing so you will be able to find out how different foods work or don’t work for her and be able to optimize her diet.