Is Lipitor or Crestor causing my BG to rise?

Okay - I'm so frustrated. I started on my pump and dexcom about 3 months ago. I had everything going great. TDD was about 36 units and was at a 48%/48% ratio on basal and bolus with remainder being corrections. Then, approximately 6 weeks ago, my Doctor put me on Crestor for high cholesterol. I was on that for two weeks and stopped because, along with my blood sugar being really elevated (low 200's) at night, I had some of the other side effects warned about on the information pamphlet. So, then came Lipitor. Now, my sugars, especially at night, are high after I've upped my TDD to 52 units. I can't get the Doctor to believe me that the statin drug is doing it. He stated that it's just a coincidence. I find it hard to believe that it's not the statin, since BOTH information pamphlets for Crestor and Lipitor mention that it is possible to have that effect, and my insulin use seemed to be leveled out prior to use. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I continue with the Lipitor and just keep upping my insulin use? How much insulin is too much or is that even possible? Thanks for the help.