Is new Medtronic Pro infusion set with BD inflow technology available yet?

I saw the product Medtronic Pro infusion set with BD inflow technology
somewhere on the web. They started working together in early 2016.

I checked Medtronic store website, it is not available there.

Anyone has a clue ?

I believe that this infusion set was introduced to a limited set of patients within the last year or so and they ran into some cannula kinking problems. Further distribution was halted. It’s been quiet ever since.

Yes. Very quiet. There is no much information on line.

kinking was the issue I had with cannulas. steel sets can’t kink! :slight_smile:

Another thing I like about steel sets is that you can pull them out and re-install then at another site. The problem I have with them is that, for me, they start to become sore on the second day.

I always equate soreness as a forewarning to a failed site. I like being able to run my sites to three days. I’ve been lucky with my angled Silhouette infusion sets and have not experienced even one kinked cannula in 11 months, knock wood.

yes, I think I wrote yesterday on another thread about reinstalling them elsewhere if they get sore